The controversial match between Panama and Mexico

It is not that unusual to see football matches where referees were bigger protagonists than they should have been. Punters can use sports betting site Pakistan – 1xBet offers opportunities to wager on the most important football contests from all around the world.

Yet, what happened in the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup is simply at another level. On the 22nd of July 2015, Panama faced Mexico in one of the semi-finals of the competition. The main protagonists of that match were:

  • Román Torres;
  • Andrés Guardado;
  • and Mark Geiger.

You can use the sports betting site 1xBet Pakistan if you also want to wager on the Gold Cup. The latter corresponds to the referee of the match. As they say, if the referee is the main topic of a football match, most likely it is because he didn’t do a good job.


A last minute penalty

Panama central defender Román Torres scored the first goal of the game at the 57th minute. As a result, the Mexicans had a little bit more than half an hour to try to turn things around. Some excellent 1xBet streams are available, and they can also be used to follow what is happening in these kinds of matches.

Yet, by the 88th minute Torres would also be involved in another moment that would be full of controversy. The Panamanian defender accidentally fell over a Mexican footballer who was trying to score a goal. For most spectators, the match should have continued. However, Geiger decided to award Mexico a Penalty. The 1xBet streams, which are available now, are great places to watch the most thrilling penalties that take place during a football match.

Threatening to leave the match

The players and coaching staff from Panama simply couldn’t believe that such a play could be considered as a penalty. A brawl almost erupted between the substitutes and coaches from both teams. At the same time, Panamanian players tried to beg Geiger to reconsider his decision, as they thought that this penalty was completely unfair. While waiting for other controversial penalty calls, don’t forget to play 1xBet live casino and try its excellent opportunities on various games.

The game was stopped for more than 10 minutes. During that time, the Mexicans tried to calm down their Panamanian counterparts. However, the latter threatened to simply abandon the field. According to them, the referee was deliberately helping the Mexicans to draw the match.

Eventually things calmed down. Mexican player Andrés Guardado took the penalty and scored the 1-1. This led to the extra time, where Guardado scored another penalty goal. Yet, this second penalty was far less controversial than the first one. Before another penalty kick is awarded, you can play on the 1xBet live casino and on its multitude of games.

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