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On the surface, several parts of custom web design appear to be straightforward. A simple website with a few pages of text and photos can usually be constructed in a short amount of time with few concerns. Many purpose-built plugins and widgets can greatly increase functionality with little effort. But what do you do when you have systems that are too old or have different programming languages to play nicely with others? Manufacturing companies frequently have particular demands that aren’t easily met by off-the-shelf options, which is where TheCustomWebsites custom website design shines.

There are various tiers of custom web design. First, there are the pre-made template-based designs that sites like Wix, SquareSpace, and GoDaddy Website Builder provide to its customers. These are a quick and sometimes simple way to get a website up and running; but, you are limited to the functionality that these sites provide. Furthermore, if you want to move your website in the future, you may have to start over because you won’t be able to get your data out of their system.

Second, pre-built administration systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are available. Because of the large number of plugins available, these systems can get you up and running quicker and with more flexibility. They do, however, have limitations that may prevent you from connecting to the apps your company uses or achieving your web development services, such as being a certified WCAC 2.0 ADA accessible site. This is where the concept of custom website design comes into play.


Custom design is created just for a single use case: yours. Some of these interfaces are simple and easy to set up, requiring only a few lines of code to facilitate database maintenance or connect your CRM to your accounting software. Other designs necessitate a full-fledged application that bridges the gap between different types of software and systems, particularly when newer applications must interact with legacy hardware or software, or when an existing solution fails to meet W3C or WCAC 2.0 ADA standards. We’ve discovered that these initiatives often take on a life of their own, since automating a process can be a lightbulb moment that reveals new ways to optimize your workflow and increase the efficiency of your company.


The bane of any website’s existence is downtime, with poor user experience (UX) coming in second. Crashing and poor performance can result from integrations that are incompatible with your existing code or are poorly implemented. As a result, users may become frustrated, your sales funnel may become clogged, and your bounce rate (the number of clients who leave your site for greener pastures – such as your competition) may rise. website load times are kept short, that your consumers are satisfied, and that you are not penalized by search engines for poor SEO.


There are a few ways that custom web design can help you improve your website’s user experience for both clients and internal stakeholders. Internally (when several employees are cooperating on a project) and externally (where multiple employees are collaborating on a project), server-side designs can be beneficial for file transfers (where, for example, the finished product passes through the hands of manufacturers, vendors, clients, and others, out of the public view). This is especially handy for scheduling processes that repeat themselves, such as system backups.

A custom website design will also allow for a very flexible graphic display of your brand, including the use of video, audio, animation, and other media to capture your visitors’ attention and entice them to explore your website further.


TheCustomWebsites specializes in full-stack web development services, including strategy, design, development, and marketing. Our websites are built to produce and convert leads, and custom website integrations are just one of the many tools we use to do so. Please contact us if you require web design and development services in Rockford (or the nearby locations). We’ll assess your current web presence against your short- and long-term objectives to guarantee it’s optimized for performance.

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