How to get a visa for Turkey? A quick guide to business and tourist visas in Turkey

Getting a short-term visa for Turkey, tourism or business is quite easy for most passports in the world. Depending on your passport and the visa you already have, you will have one or two options. The Turkey e-visa is a special type of official Turkey visa that allows people to travel to Turkey. It can be acquired online through a digital platform and then further processed in the Turkish capital, Ankara. Turkey allows e-visa applicants to enter Turkish territory from any country. Citizens of eligible countries must complete the Turkish visa application form on this website with their personal details and passport information. Turkey Visa is online for 180 days from the date of issue. 

The validity period of your Turkey visa online is different from the period of stay. Although e-visa in Turkey is valid for 180 days, your duration cannot exceed 180 days in every 90 days. You can enter Turkey anytime within 180 days. Turkey e-visa is directly and electronically attached to your passport. Turkish passport officials will be able to verify the validity of Turkish E-visa in their system at the port of entry. However, it is advisable to keep a soft copy of the Turkish -visa which will be emailed to you.

Turkey tourist visa

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting millions of tourists every year. There are several tourist spots in Turkey, such as Hagia Sophia (which was once a church and then a mosque), the Blue Mosque (which has six minarets and more than 20 domes), and Troy (an ancient city, home of Homer. Iliad). With many tourist attractions, Turkey is known as one of the most scenic countries in Europe.

However, being a hot tourist destination, it is not always easy to get an official Turkey visa. You must stand and wait in long queues of people for hours on end, and then there is the process of days and sometimes weeks which is extremely painful. However, due to the internet, you can now get a Turkish visa online, which will be an official Turkey visa.

After you have successfully paid for your Turkey Tourist Visa application, you will receive an email to have your e-Visa for Turkey. You can now go to Turkey on your official Turkey visa and enjoy its beauty and culture. You can see sights like Hagia Sophia, Blue Musk, Troy, etc. You can also shop at the Grand Bazaar to your heart’s content, with everything from leather jackets to jewelry to souvenirs.

If you are planning to travel to other European countries, you need to know that your Turkish tourist visa can only be used for Turkey or any other country. However, the good news here is that your official Turkey visa is valid for at least 60 days, so you have ample time to tour the whole of Turkey.

Known as Byzantium in the ancient Greek language, the monuments and old structures of the largest city in Turkey have a lot of splendor, but it is certainly not a place where you will be bothered to see only museums.

As you pass through every street in Istanbul you will find an undiscovered picture of Turkey and a beautiful story to tell back home.

Being one of the places listed as the Capital of European Culture in the past, Istanbul has been a source of huge tourist attractions from abroad, which has given Turkey exposure to foreign tourists to showcase its diverse culture. Even if you don’t know about other places in Turkey, you probably already know a lot about Istanbul, one of the top travel destinations in the world!


Turkey e-Visa or Turkey Visa Online is an electronic travel authorization or travel permit for up to 90 days to visit Turkey. The Turkish government recommends that international visitors must apply for a Turkish visa online at least three days before they travel to Turkey. Foreign nationals can apply for a visa to Turkey within minutes. The Turkey visa application process is automated, easy, and completely online.

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