Stop Worrying About QuickBooks Error 350, Get the Details Here!

Online banking or internet banking is indeed convenient, accessible, time-efficient, and today’s necessity. You can start using online banking once you get your bank and credit card accounts attested and connected to it. Sometimes when you try to access your online banking account or download a transaction, you might fail to do so, and QuickBooks error 350 is responsible for the failure. If you reconnect and refresh your connection of Bank and credit card, in that case, you will not need to download your latest transactions manually, making the system more popular and user-friendly.

If you need help with the steps that are to be taken for resolution, or advanced knowledge related to QuickBooks, then it would be best for you to call the professionals of QuickBooks Tech Support at +1 800-579-9430

Know the factors responsible for the Error

For the user who faces the issue, knowing the factors that cause the Error 350 in QuickBooks becomes of utmost importance. Take a look at them:

  1. If your connection with the financial institution expires, it is evident for you to face such issues.
  2. If your Bank makes any changes, for example, updating the connection can also lead to a mistake.
  3. The bank server may be down for maintenance purposes.

Once you are through with the reasons, you can have a clue about the troubleshooting by yourself. Learn more about it in the following subheading.

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Take steps to resolve Error 350

The QuickBooks error 350 can be easily resolved by taking a few simple steps. The solution contains the reinforcement or reconnection of QuickBooks to your Bank. Follow the steps that will help you get it done:

Solution: Boost the Connection of Your Credit Card or Bank Account

The steps in the solution will get you to reconnect and update your bank account and credit card account.

  1. Open QuickBooks Online.
  2. Now find the Banking menu or the Transactions menu; click on it when found.
  3. Here you will spot a blue bank square, select it for the account that you desire to reconnect.
  4. Click on the Sign in link present there.
  5. Type the user ID and the account password that you use to sign in on your Bank’s website.
  6. Now choose the accounts from which you wish QuickBooks to download your transactions. Click on Continue when you are decided.
  7. The final step will ask you to click on Update, to fetch the recent transactions from your bank.

Now you can get all your transactions downloaded, and you can access your online bank account without any error troubling you furthermore.

The above content in the block explains why the user encounters QuickBooks error 350 elaborately. Then the subsequent subheading discussed the steps a user must follow as resolution. Obeying these steps, one can easily download the latest transactions. If you are still unable to do so, you should consider calling QuickBooks Customer Service at +1 800-579-9430 provided, which will explain to you better, with detailed guidance. if you want to easy step by step guide to quick resolve this issue feel free to contact us.

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