Substance Abuse: A Major Cause of Recurring Strokes

A new observational research has revealed some shocking news related to Substance use. Young adults that get admitted for strokes occurring frequently contain a huge number of those who are addicted to the use of substance which is also called CUD (Substance Use Disorder). 

The lead author of the study Akhil Jain who is a resident physician added, “Our analysis shows young marijuana users with a history of stroke or transient ischemic attack remain at significantly high risk for future strokes.”

The research suggested that there must be needed awareness prevailed among people especially young adults about the darker side of the addiction to Substances.

According to the experts of metropolis health hospital, Individuals who already have issues regarding heart and have had a stroke in the past must stay away from the use of substance as this can increase the risk multiple times. 

There has been a strong link found between substance use and increased risk of first-time stroke or the TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack). 

The risk factors to look out for during a traditional stroke include, 

More Causes and Risk Factors 

Other causes and risk factors associated with stroke can be very generic but also have a strong impact on the cardiovascular system of the body. However, all of these causes can be controlled and changed in the body. These can be, 

Use of Tobacco

Smoking of any sort and the use of nicotine in various forms can be very hazardous to health. The main neck artery forms a buildup which is caused due to excessive smoking of cigarettes. 

Nicotine plays a major role in raising the chances of a stroke. The blood pressure gets really high with the use of tobacco and tis can then thicken the blood and the chances of clotting are increased by double. 

Smoke if inhaled through second-hand smoking can be equally hazardous.  

High Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol is a substance that is found in the form of wax in the liver. The liver is responsible for forming the needed cholesterol but a lot of times there is more cholesterol formed sometimes which is more than needed. 

If there is the consumption of more cholesterol than needed, then it is very much like it starts to accumulate in the arteries. The most shocking part is that these arteries can be of the brain. 

This then leads to a number of conditions and a stroke makes it to the top of the list. 

Lifestyle Factors

The way you spend your life has a lot to do with the risks attached to diseases. Habits like unhealthy eating and drinking can impact the blood vessels greatly and increase the blood pressure in a way that can cause blood clotting. 

Sickle Cell Disease

A  very common blood disease called sickle cell disease is very common these days. It can cause ischemic stroke which can affect the Hispanic side of the world and their children. 

In this disease the blood cells are not normally formed, they are seen forming in weird shapes. And because of that, there are high chances that the cells can get stuck in the blood vessels. With that, there is a block seen and observed in the flow of blood to the brain. 


With age, the arteries in the body start to shrink and become narrow. There are higher chances that the arteries start to accumulate fatty material called atherosclerosis in them which can cause clogging of the arteries. 

Atherosclerosis is also one of the major and leading causes of ischemic stroke. 

Physical Inactivity

If you are not doing enough physical activity or at least the needed activity you are leading yourself to a number of health conditions and in them comes stroke. Along with being physically unfit other diseases can be seen attacking a normal healthy body called diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

If you stay regular in exercising then you can bring a huge change in your chances of stroke getting high. 

Previous Stroke

If in the past you have already have had an ischemic attack or a stroke then the chances of you suffering from one are more as compared to someone who has never had a stroke. 

Even if you have had a mini-stroke or a transient ischemic attack (TIA) the chances of suffering from another stroke are the same. 


Substance use has been on the rise amongst young adults and this is causing a lot of issues stroke is one of the major ones. There are however other risk factors attached to it. But the usage of Substances has been under suspicion by a lot of researchers and scientists. It is important to consult a doctor regardless of the risk factors.

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