The professional wrestling boom of the 1980s

There are many sports disciplines or franchises that had a “Golden Era”. Usually this refers to the explosion of the events in question in terms of popularity and viewership. The WWE was not the exception. If you want to wager on these events you can visit – online betting companies in Ghana featuring great possibilities.


The Golden Era of professional wrestling in the United States took place during the decade of the 1980s. There were many factors that converged that eventually created this boom that consolidated the sport in this country. In order to wager on modern wrestling, punters can visit the 1xBet Ghana online betting companies, in which great odds can be found.

Convergence of factors

This boom can not be attributed to a single factor. Instead, a series of occurrences took place that made wrestling in the United States an incredibly entertaining event. In order to place excellent wagers on these events with great odds, the site can be visited.


Some of the factors that led to this surge in popularity during the 1980s in the USA included:


  • the significant expansion of cable TV in the country, which led to more ways in which this content could be broadcasted;
  • the consolidation of two major wrestling franchises, which were the WWF and the World Championship Wrestling;
  • also, the advertising of the events made by famous managers and promoters.


At the same time, other sports events also started to gain popularity due to the advent of cable TV and pay-per-view systems. For this reason, the number of spectators of these events simply exploded. The 1xBet betting platform offers tons of possibilities for those who want to wager on these highly entertaining events.

An entity falls and another rises

From the 1940s, there was another entity which was seen as a competitor to the WWE, then WWF. This was the National Wrestling Alliance, also known as NWA. However, the NWA couldn’t keep up with the incredible events offered by the WWF during the 1980s. At any moment, punters can visit in order to wager on wrestling events.


The NWA didn’t disappear, but its relevance was greatly diminished due to the popularity of the World Wrestling Federation. The WWF itself was a relatively new entity from a certain point of view. Up to 1980, it was known as the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF). However, those in charge of it decided to apply some major reforms. Probably the most notable of them was the name change to World Wrestling Federation (WWF). The events of the modern WWE are available on the 1xBet website, where punters can place wagers on it in pre-match and live form.



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