What is the possibility to pass the ca exam series?

Clear CA Exam is a community of all of India’s top-ranking accountants and commerce professors. CA is one of India’s most difficult tests, and passing it demands expert coaching and the greatest study materials. We are a full package that will ensure that you excel in your preparations and, as a result, achieve your goal of becoming a CA.

The Chartered Accountant Common Proficiency Test (CA CPT) is an entry-level test administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) to applicants interested in pursuing a career in accounting. The test is held twice a year, once in May and then again in November. It is an offline MCQ-based test via which qualified applicants for the Chartered Accountancy Proficiency program are shortlisted. Candidates who want to pursue a career as a CPA must first pass the CA exam.

CA foundation eligibility

  • Candidates must have passed or sat in a recognized board or university’s 10 + 2 Senior Secondary Examination or its equivalent.
  • Candidates must have moved to or registered for the ICAI Board of Studies’ Common Proficiency Course.
  • Candidates must have revalidated their Common Proficiency Course enrollment.

Prepare the time table

The first step before beginning your education is to create a schedule. Those pupils who believe that setting a timetable is a waste of time have made a miscalculation. Make a comprehensive strategy instead of spending time every day wondering what to learn or where to begin. Pick up the Study Material, review the CA exam series Foundation test format, and allot time to each subject and chapter based on the number of days left in your exam. This will not only help you plan your studies properly, but it will also assist you in analyzing your performance.

Join the proper coaching

Many students pass this test without any preparation, with only passing grades. However, I must warn you, students, that clarity on the ideas is crucial from the beginning since Chartered Accountancy is a long path in which you will be referred to as expert and excellent CA Foundation/ CA CPT tutoring will assist you much in achieving clarity over your concepts.

Focus on statistics and logical reasoning

Non-Maths commerce students should concentrate on Statistics and Logical Reasoning because CA Foundation Maths does not appear to be a scoring topic for Non-Maths students. Logical thinking is worth 20 points, while the rest is split evenly between Math and Statistics. As a result, Non-Mathematicians should concentrate mostly on Statistics and Logical Reasoning.

Prepare your own revision notes

Because the course is so wide that it is nearly impossible to revise in a single day, the ideal source notes to revise at test time are your own handwritten notes. As a result, always prepare your own brief notes during courses that will be quite useful during test time.

Minimum three times revision

The course is extensive, and it is recommended that you review it at least three times before the tests. Plan your revision efficiently, for example, revise each topic in your first revision and mark the same sort of questions so that you don’t waste time answering identical questions again.

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