Top 10 Reasons Why You need Laravel Framework: A Conclusive Approach

Laravel, a PHP-based open-source web application framework used for developing web applications, is one of the most popular frameworks of its kind. It is built with a vision of writing code syntax that is simple and expressive. The web applications developed professionally by laravel development companies providing Laravel development services are more structured and pragmatic.  

According to a recent survey, Laravel Framework download has overtaken all other PHP frameworks in popularity. It is free and open-source. The best part about the Laravel framework is that it supports rapid mobile app development.

Top Reasons That Depict Why You Need Laravel Framework

Laravel Framework

  1. Object-Oriented Libraries:

The most prominent feature of Laravel is the availability of an Object-Oriented library system that is missing in any other popular PHP framework. This library system is pre-installed and has many advanced features, such as checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, CSRF protection, and encryption. Laravel framework tutorials are available to learn how to best use these libraries.

  1. Template Engine:

We all agree that Laravel is known for the inbuilt lightweight templates and is used to create unique layouts with dynamic content seeding. Developers can also use multiple widgets with JS and CSS code to structure a design with solid blocks. Create simple websites from scratch easily with the help of templating engine by using dynamic content seeding into the layouts.

  1. Artisan:

The Artisan is an interactive tool that helps in creating database structure and boilerplate code and building their migration with the help of a single command-line function. The main idea behind the creation of Artisan is to automate the majority of programming tasks which saves time for developers and perform those tasks manually.  

It also performs some complex tasks that are essential for web application development. Laravel framework version from 5.8 supports artisan, which offers improvement for smooth website development performance. To enhance your website’s performance check out Laravel Optimization Guide – Expert Developer’s View 

  1. MVC Support:

The Laravel framework version has excellent support for MVC (Model View Controller), which helps in improving performance, Laravel documentation, and necessarily allows better project functionality.  

Laravel framework is one of the most used open-source web application frameworks that follows the MVC architectural pattern. This architectural pattern supports presentation, logic, and data layers, making it easier for developers to write codes that involve easy maintenance. 

The MVC pattern makes it possible to divide the programming task into different sections and offer multiple functionalities while developing the web application; one can check the laravel project example. 

  1. Database System and Migrations:

The most exciting feature of Laravel framework version 5.6 and 5.5 is that it supports various databases like SQL, Postgres, SQLite, and many more. Moreover, it provides the facility to create migration tables to change your database structure at any time without having a fear of losing any data. 

  1. Authentication and Authorization:

This framework provides an easy way to control resources and organize users into groups called Guard. Also, it allows you to set up authentication by providing a complete set of ready-to-use tools out of the box. 

  1. Eloquent Object Relational Mapping:

The Eloquent ORM presents database tables as classes and rows as objects. The system assigns the database table names to the class names, and this is why we can access the database tables with the help of model classes. The class properties are assigned to column names, and therefore they can be accessed using model objects.

  1. Authorization Technique:

Laravel serves as a simple way to organize authorization logic and control access to resources. For example, suppose you are developing an eCommerce app, you can use the Laravel framework to authorize certain users to access certain pages or functions of your application without affecting other pages or other features. 

  1. Unit-Testing:

The framework supports testing with PHP Unit, a tool known for its unit testing capabilities. It is widely used especially where unit testing is required. With Laravel, it is possible to run multiple unit tests from the command line, and it means that you can quickly fix your bugs and improve the performance of your apps with this framework. 

  1. Modularity:

Laravel is built on modules that can be hooked into any application. The entire framework is simply a collection of modules, and this allows the developers to create highly modular applications that are incredibly easy to maintain, upgrade and extend. These modules are available through Composer – a dependency manager for PHP.


As per the present scenario, Laravel is the most popular and widely used PHP framework worldwide because of its extensive features and functionalities. The key reason that makes the PHP framework more popular is that it is a “full-stack” framework, which provides both front-end and back-end support.

Laravel provides us with highly advanced features like a powerful toolkit that helps in building websites faster and more efficiently.

The thing that makes Laravel development services most preferred is that anyone can integrate it easily with third-party libraries like Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, etcetera. Consisting of a set of PHP components to build web applications, it also helps create dynamic and user-responsive sites with a light weighted and customized template.  

Hence we can safely conclude that for website development or app development you should go for the Laravel framework. 

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