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The Argentinian “Son of the Wind”

Diego Maradona was in the late stages of his career during the 1990s. However, during that time, Argentina was also producing an interesting group of players. Punters can visit the betting sites in Kenya – 1xBet company features lots of wagering chances of Argentinian football.

One of these players was Claudio Caniggia. He was known as “son of the wind” due to his incredible speeds when carrying the ball. He had a professional career that lasted between 1985 and 2004, where he played as a forward and as a winger. He played in squads mostly from Argentina, Italy, Scotland and Qatar. The betting sites of the 1xBet Kenya company can be used in order to wager on the best football matches from these countries.

Playing in two rivals

The rivalry between Argentinian teams River Plate and Boca Juniors is one of the fiercest in the world. In fact, their most extreme fans normally don’t forgive when a player plays on the other. However, Caniggia played on both of them. It is possible to find in 1xBet live betting for everyone, which can also be used to wager on the best football teams that Argentina has to offer.

Additionally, the player was part of other squads, such as:

  • Hellas Verona;
  • Atalanta;
  • Roma;
  • and Rangers.

The player was also part of the Argentinian national team between 1987 and 2002. Probably one of the most important moments in Caniggia’s career took place during the 1990 FIFA World Cup. Currently everyone can find their best 1xBet live betting options, which can be used for wagering on these major football competitions.

Claudio Caniggia had an excellent performance during the tournament. In fact, he was crucial in helping Argentina to reach the final. However, he was suspended for the final itself, with Argentina eventually losing against West Germany.

A highly versatile player

Caniggia was only 173 centimeters tall. However, he was unusually strong for that size. You can download 1xBet app to your phone now, and use it to wager on the best footballers from the entire world.

It should also be mentioned that Caniggia participated in athletics competitions prior to becoming a professional footballer. In fact, he was quite good in the 100 meters. This also helped him to be extremely fast while playing football. Thanks to this ability, the Argentinian player was able to wreak complete havoc in the opposing defensive lines. By deciding to download the 1xBet app to your phone now you can wager on these amazing footballers.

The player also had some great abilities in other areas. He had highly accurate passing and vision, which also allowed him to perform in a more creative position. Generally speaking, Claudio Caniggia was a complete player.


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