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5 Reasons to Use High-Pressure Laminates for Interior Surfacing

Have you been thinking about designing the interior of your home? One of the biggest advantages of interior design, apart from enhancing the elegance of the living area, is that it maximizes the interior space. On top of that, when you use decorative Pressure Laminates in the interior design, it improves the quality of life and the sense of functionality. 

Moreover, installing high-pressure laminates offers a fantastic furnished look along with an additional layer of protection to bear the pressure of heavy objects on the surface. Even though there are several laminate types, high-pressure laminates or HPL is designed and developed to make them sturdy and suitable for any building space. 

In contemporary times, laminates are the most commonly used surfacing solutions for both exterior and interior, exterior designs. Royale Touche laminates manufacture high-pressure laminate that is rated as the best HPL laminate sheets in India. Below are the advantages that you can expect when installing high-pressure laminate at home.  


One of the main reasons why HPL has more demand than other surfacing materials is its versatile application. In other words, you can install it in various surface areas seamlessly. Moreover, you can install this laminate both vertically and horizontally simultaneously. Hence, it is highly recommended for all sorts of usage in commercial and residential spaces. Whether cupboards, walls, doors, shelving units, and partitions, HPL is the best surface material for any interior decoration needs. They also serve a decorative and functional role and are integrated into the interior design of your living space.


High-pressure laminates leave behind other surface materials when it comes to durability. Since it is developed to hold the pressure of heavy objects, they last a long time than other alternative solutions. Moreover, they are scratch, impact, fire, and chemical resistant at the same time. Hence, you can install them on reception areas, cabinet doors, check-out stands, and cubicles.

Low Heat Conduction

Furthermore, the advantage of high-pressure laminates is their conductivity of heat. Hence, you have the freedom to install high-pressure laminates at any place in your home without any worry.

Moisture resistance

Did you know that laminates are made with extra layers of plastic sheets to make them waterproof? It is one of the ideal benefits of having this laminate because you won’t have to worryabout your home’s furniture elements. That is why HPL is preferred more in kitchen areas prone to moisture and grease. Since it is humidity and moisture resistant, you won’t have to worry about seasonal changes damaging your furniture.

Low and Easy Maintenance

A common concern of most homeowners when buying household items is the maintenance factor. In contemporary times, time is precious, and the last thing you would want is to take a day off to clean the laminate surface at your home. Well, the good news is that high-pressure laminate does not demand regular maintenance and cleaning like other surfacing materials. Make sure to use a mild cleaning solution and a soft cloth or sponge to remove any stain from the surface. Since it is heat and stain resistant, its maintenance is comparatively low than other materials, a reason why it has high demand in the market.

Wide Range of Options 

High-pressure laminates come in various textures, colours, and designs, making them the perfect choice for interior decoration. Hence, this laminate can be incorporated into any décor theme without any hindrance. Also, it offers endless design possibilities that are hard to achieve with other surfacing materials.

In addition, HPL is known for enhancing the appearance and maximizing any space regardless of the room size.

Safe to use

Many homeowners generally have an essential concern is whether the surface material is safe for the residential environment. It needs to be understood that laminates are far better than paint because it does not release any fume or toxic gases that are harmful to health. In other words, it is perfectly safe for your family because HPL fulfills the requirements of low toxicity and emission flawlessly.

Final thoughts

On a concluding note, it cannot be denied that you can extend the life of any material with maintenance. The same goes with laminate surfaces, a little bit of care goes a long way. However, make sure that you buy from the best laminate brand in India, which is none other than Royale Touche laminates. This is a reputed laminate manufacturer in India that offers quality and durable HPL that you can trust blindly for the interior decoration of your home Read More

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