After earning a master’s degree in online sports management

 you will receive comprehensive training in the field of sports business and organizational management in a sports business environment. Gain basic knowledge and skills in all areas of sport, from marketing to managing and operating sports facilities.

In practice, you will learn from the directors and sports management experts of Athletic de Madrid. They provide in-depth knowledge of the industry and provide global insight into various governance models. Athletic de Madrid is a global benchmark in 해외축구중계사이트 management, reinforced by a commitment to continuous innovation. That’s why UNIR, the official athletics university in Madrid, offers direct access to the best professionals to learn from their achievements and failures.

I am studying for a master’s degree in sports management at UNIR

 It offers a unique experience in sports management expert teacher training, together with the Athletic de Madrid Management Mastery Course. Take this experience to the next level by almost practicing and coping with the challenges of club professionals. Plan collaboration solutions in a timely manner. This will enrich your resume and expand your network of contacts in the world of sports.

In a time of constant change, organizations and those responsible for human resources are being asked to rewrite the rules of organization, recruitment, development and sports to attract and retain a workforce for the 21st century. That’s why Deloitte’s Fifth Global Human Resource Management trend is “Rewriting the Rules of the Digital Age”. It analyzes the key challenges facing organizations and asks more than 10,000 business and human resource managers.

We are living in a new era, often referred to as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

 Or an era of “big change,” where social media and automation make the workforce more digital, diverse, global, and efficient. . At the same time, the needs and expectations of companies are evolving faster than ever before: new profiles, tools, technologies, business models.

This team-to-team model requires new leaders with skills such as negotiation,

Resilience, and systematic thinking. Leaders who have an in-depth knowledge of each other’s abilities to quickly and effectively form new groups and know how to set clear, measurable goals for each team. There are methods like ONA, also known as organizational network analysis, that help companies identify and identify existing relationships between experts and different teams. Career and training

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