19 multiplayer games for Android to play locally or remotely

Gone are the days when mobile games were very limited, both in terms of graphics and options, and only allowed us to play against our own mobile, always locally. Multiplayer games have been taking over more and more ground and now we have authentic gems worthy of competing with traditional consoles.

In this compilation we bring you games of different themes so as not to get caught up in the ever-present shooting games, although obviously everything has to start with Fortnight , which continues to manage to remain the game of the moment. On mobile and away from them. So let’s start with the little gem of Epic Games and work our way up from there. Are you with us? the legendary fortniteWe announced it and we have done it. We start with Fortnight, the current star of the Epic Games catalog of games, available for mobile for some time but far from 먹튀검증 Play.

However, downloading from Epic servers

is safe and we leave you the link later. Build, battle and win, sometimes against other players, sometimes against Thanes in the game’s homage to Avengers Endgame. Unfortunately, it has a high limitation in terms of power and not all mobiles can access it. As phalli has not only gone down in history as one of the best-made car games for mobile phones , but it is also one of the favorites by many analysts to put the mobile phones they test to the test. A game that adapts its resolution to the mobile we are on, and that does the same with the frame rate. Adjustable for any mobile with a minimum of power, and ready to smoke the asphalt. Do you dare with him?

Cross Road, to play together

Here we are no longer talking about games against users who are on the other side of the planet, but about something more intended for parties and hangouts with friends. Crossy Road consists of traveling a certain itinerary with our vehicle without dying trying. It seems simple but there are more vehicles to make things difficult for us, and the other players will also be there. We can create a local game with several friends through WiFi and see who finishes the tour first. If someone manages to finish it, of course. Hearthstone, the cards of Azeroth

Hearthstone had to be present in this compilation

because we are perhaps talking about the most famous epic card game today, and one of the most successful in history. The world of World of Warcraft embodied in cards to form decks and fight against the mobile AI or against other players from a distance. Cast spells, multiply your troops, leverage your front line and shoot with your own hero. At first it’s hard to get the hang of it, but woe to you if you get hooked! It will be your main game for a long time.

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