Why is my LG washing machine not draining?

Washing machines offer us great convenience and comfort. Scrubbing clothes by hand is not an easy job and having an appliance to do it for you is a genuine blessing. Even more comforting is the fact that these days there is an automatic washing machine for every budget.

Whether top load or front load, you can conveniently choose the best LG washing machine that fits your budget.

LG washing machines are known for their reliability and durability. They come with powerful motors, multiple wash options, and sturdy stainless steel drums. LG’s after-sales service is also one of the best in India. Therefore, an LG washing machine is highly recommended for laundry solutions at an affordable price. 

It is rare for an LG washing machine to malfunction. But what happens when your automatic washing machine does not work the way it is supposed to? For example, what if your LG washing machine is not draining? Worry not, because this is a common problem. There are many reasons why your appliance could be clogged, and here we will examine them in detail one by one.

5 factors responsible for LG washing machine drainage issues

1. Damaged door lock and switch assembly

If the display panel of your LG washing machine is displaying an ‘OE’ error code, it means there is a major issue with the switch assembly and the door lock. The main function of the switch assembly is to sense the closing of the door and relay the signal to the motor. If there is a problem with this component, your automatic washing machine will not spin or drain. The solution — call over an authorized service professional. 

2. Clogged pump

This is common when scraps of clothes or small garments like hankies or socks get stuck in the pump, clogging it completely. The result is a total lack of drainage. You can disconnect the hose and check for the blockage to solve this issue. You can poke out the jam manually and instantly resolve this problem.

3. Unbalanced load

This is an often-ignored issue that can potentially cause significant damage to your automatic washing machine. An unbalanced load can also block the drainage system of your LG washing machine. This occurs when you put heavy items on one side of the drum leading to an imbalance while washing. To avoid this issue, use smaller and larger clothes equally for a uniform load. 

4. Faulty drain pump

If you are not facing any of the issues mentioned above and your LG washing machine is still clogged, it is most likely due to a faulty drain pump. This happens when the drain pump fails to pump water out of your appliance. You should call customer service for a prompt resolution to this problem.

5. Wrong detergent

Even the use of the wrong detergent can result in drainage issues. You need to know which detergents are compatible with your automatic washing machine. You should also remember that Front load and Top load washing machines have different detergent requirements. Swapping suds between different washing machine types may result in this problem.

Now that you know how to handle an appliance that’s not draining, let’s take a look at one of the best LG washing machines in the Indian market.

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