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Another highly respected Italian football referee

The situation with Italian football refereeing can be seen as quite an ironic one. On one hand, it has been surrounded with tons of controversies. On the other hand, some of the most respected referees in the history of the game have come from that country. You can make Nigeria bet on 1xBet on all matches that the always entertaining Italian football has to offer.


Pierluigi Collina is seen by many as the best referee in football history. However, contemporary to Collina, there was another highly respected official also from Italy, who was Roberto Rosetti.


The Italian had a great refereeing career between 1994 and 2010. He originally started as an official for the Serie C, which is the third level in Italian football. Right now, on 1xBet Nigeria you can make a bet on football matches on lots of different championships in Italy.


However, Rosetti’s performances were so good that he was promoted to the Serie A and Serie B in 1997. He was constantly seen officiating matches on those two competitions until his retirement in 2010.

Disliked by Juventus

In the late 2000s, Juventus was involved in the Calciopoli scandal. To summarize, it ended with the team relegated to the Serie B as a punishment, and also they were stripped of many of their titles. The website also features all matches played by the Vecchia Signora.


Luciano Moggi was the director general of the team at the time. On many intercepted phone calls, he expressed his dislike for both Roberto Rosetti and Pierluigi Collina. In fact, he wanted them to be “punished” due to decisions that, according to him, had harmed his squad. The Italian Serie A and Serie B offer tons of live wagering possibilities through the 1xBet betting platform.


Of course, once this scandal was uncovered, many other Italian referees had their reputations forever destroyed. However, Collina and Rosetti were some of the very few to come even stronger after it.

Important competitions

FIFA and UEFA considered Roberto Rosetti for tons of important matches Punters can download 1xBet iOS now, and use it to wager on matches on all major competitions organized by those entities.


Some important international football championships that had the Italian among their referees were:

  • the UEFA Euro 2008;
  • the 2010 FIFA World Cup;
  • and also, several editions of the UEFA Champions League.


However, things weren’t so easy for Rosetti after the FIFA World Cup celebrated in South Africa. He was particularly criticized after allowing an off-side goal in an Argentina vs Mexico match in the competition. Fans can go to 1xBet now and download its iOS app to wager on these major tournaments from iPhone and iPad gadgets.

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