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When it comes to the best “Action Cameras” that you can buy right now, many of you will definitely be thinking of GoPro. can trust its quality but did you know that There have been many other brands that are emerging that have the same quality as GoPro . An action camera that’s right for you! which we have selected many models for many prices which of course All of the models we have included in this review are popular models. find out Action Camera flashlight

Aside from brands like GoPro and DJI , there are plenty of other action camera brands that you should check out. Because sometimes we can’t always meet the need to buy a flagship camera of a famous brand due to the limited budget. It’s true that The best action cameras are the flagship cameras of well-known brands, which are packed with functions. Makes it a high price, which, of course, most people do not use all the functions. So if you can choose straight According to your needs,

the best action camera It doesn’t have to be the most expensive

good action camera should be small And it’s strong and durable because its purpose is to record photos for extreme travel. or other extreme sports that do not have to sit and watch for fear that Will your camera be damaged? While you are doing that activity, whether you are a cyclist. Road bike, as a biker, as a skateboarder, or you just want to capture the beautiful scenery of mountain climbing. Using a good action camera will make it easy for you to capture your own adventures and share them with family and friends, all with sharp and beautiful images.

The most important thing is that you consider that What features would you like your camera to have? And how much did you set a budget for? For example, if you want to shoot video with hands-free camera control. (Voice control) also set a budget of about ten thousand at least, but it depends on the promotion at each time.

How to choose an action camera that is right for you?

GoPro Max 360 Action Camera Review

GoPro Max360-degree action cam, a stunning surround-view camera. Help deliver outstanding images. in a different perspective Able to record panoramic images without panning the camera. Just aim and press the shutter. The camera body is strong. Excellent durability It’s also waterproof to a depth of 5 meters without a case, ready to go with you wherever you go. Comes with high-quality sensors that Provides perfect picture quality. Able to record videos up to level 5. 6K at 30FPS, which is sharp in every detail. 

There are built-in microphones up to 6 positions to help record sound in 360 degrees, making recording excellent. There’s also Max HyperSmooth stabilization to help make your videos smoother and smoother. There are a lot of tricks in GoPro’s Over Capture software to learn. The software is smart enough to choose the best angle from your video. So you don’t have to be tired anymore. You have a voice command system, you can live, and there are many other functions. It is another camera that has specific features. We’ve already done a full review, you can read it here

Xiaomi Action Camera Yi Lite 4k review

Xiaomi Yi Lite 4k , an action camera with outstanding features and a lot of users. Comes with full functionality and the ability to record video up to 4K at 60fps with a lens with a resolution of up to 16 million pixels, a new sensor. giving you a sharper picture The display screen is clear. Allows you to easily read the various values. Although it is not waterproof, but if used with a waterproof case, it is not a disadvantage at all. with a very affordable price And it also comes with good quality. making it quite popular It’s a budget camera that can easily give you the perfect shot.

Xiaomi Mi 4K Action Camera Review

For anyone looking for an affordable 4K action camera. This is the choice that we would recommend MI Action Camera 4K, an action camera from Xiaomi brand with 7 layers lens and sensor from the big brand Sony IMX317 which works perfectly. even in low light The camera system has been developed to be more stable. This allows it to perform excellently in both stills and videos. The camera supports video up to 4K at 30fps and employs 6-axis electronic image stabilization, so you can shoot smooth, smooth images. It has a 2.4-inch touchscreen display, which allows you to use it more easily. It is considered a camera that is suitable for carrying on a lot of travel.

Review of SJCAM Action Camera SJ8 Pro

The SJCAM SJ8 Pro .It is a dual-screen action camera, with the front being a 0.96-inch OLED screen and the back is a 2.33-inch IPS touch screen. Which can be displayed clearly and tell all the details in its entirety. Comes with a sensor of the famous brand SONY IMX377. Which has a resolution of 12 million pixels, works with a 7-layer glass lens and has a viewing angle of 170 degrees, helping to increase sharpness. and reduce image distortion Makes the details of the picture complete and beautiful. This camera can support video recording up to 4K at 60fps with 2 microphones for perfect sound. Don’t worry about the image quality you get. It also has an image stabilization system. It provides stable, smooth-looking video, gyroscope, and 8x digital zoom. It’s a professional-quality action camera on a tight budget.

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