What makes Quirino the Basket of Happiness?

As a brand new tagline that best describes Quirino Province, “The Basket of Happiness” perfectly captures the essence of the province. Just like a basket, Quirino brings a complete package of eco-adventure activities, majestic mountains, verdant forests, pristine rivers, and luminous waterfalls, to name a few. 

Basket of Happiness

Located in the forest heartland of Cagayan Valley, Quirino is perfectly positioned on the central portion of the Sierra Madre mountain. The place is surrounded by foggy mountains, tall trees, pristine rivers, and cascading waterfalls.

The new tagline of Quirino, “The Basket of Happiness,” aims to put more industries and activities in Quirino’s seemingly bottomless well of attractions. Aside from tourist attractions, Quirino is also filled with many business opportunities such as commercial crops, exquisite handicrafts, and investment in tourism-related ventures. Here are activities that make Quirino your basket of happiness.

Catching sunrise in Quirino

Catching the sunrise between Quirino’s mountains can be a great start if you’re a morning person! Quirino offers this experience, and it would be best paired with none other than Quirino’s own coffee products. If coffee isn’t your type, there are a variety of hot drinks such as tea and hot chocolate and whatever pleases your palate in the cold dawn. All are available in Quirino, thanks to the province’s rich soil, which bolsters a variety of agricultural products.

Get Lost in Adam and Eve’s Paradise

Imagine trekking through the forests of Quirino surrounded by mother nature and her symphony of sounds. Foggy mountains with tall trees surround the majority of the area. In this perfect place, you could walk and be mesmerized by the wonders of nature. Just like listening to some tunes while you ride your car, you can walk around the virgin forests while listening to the songs of birds inhabiting the environment. Don’t worry about getting lost in the woods. Quirino offers experienced tour guides that help you navigate about the forest, leaving you to only worry about what you might miss on your trip.

Relax in Pristine Waters

Quirino puts pride on the cleanliness of the untouched waters of the province. Whether you go to a natural spring or flowing rivers, you can only find crystal-clear water where you can unwind and relax. Plan your trip to Nagtipunan, where clear blue waters invite you for a swim on a sunny day. Take a dip and enjoy the refreshing waters with your spouse, girlfriend, friends, or family.

If you want to take a more peaceful route, the rivers of Quirino are perfect places to meditate and be one with nature.

Breathtaking Landscapes

You can enjoy a fantastic overlook of Quirino’s rich land at Landingan Viewpoint and Cabu-an view park. Enjoy a cup of local coffee or set a picnic with your family and friends while enjoying the breathtaking view of the province.

If you’re an avid rock climber, you can climb the rock formations of Batumbaket that reach high to the skies. Just remember to bring the proper equipment and practice safety precautions to avoid accidents.

Connecting with Roots

Quirino has a diverse profile of indigenous people and tribal groups that showcase their history to visitors. The province presents its youthful celebrations and vibrant festivities with colorful decorations that assemble every Quirinian and are visited by local and international tourists.

Don’t worry about missing out on festivals because Quirino celebrates many festivities every year. The annual Panagdadapun Festival with its grand parade is celebrated every September. The month-long Paskuhan sa Quirino highlights Yuletide events every December. The Penenkakasisit Festival marks the creation and celebrates the convergence of the tribes and cultures of the town and commemorates every February. Pagay-Pagay Festival, which celebrates the zeal of the town’s palay farmers, is held every April. The Panagsasalog Festival dramatizes the traditional custom of Quirino’s’ highlanders of leaving their homes at dawn to farm is celebrated every June. The Ginnamuluan Festival is celebrated every June in the town of Cabarroguis. The Pammadayaw Festival manifests the music and dance of the town’s civic spirit are celebrated every July. Lastly, the Panagsalukag Festival, which celebrates the hard work and industry of the Aglipayanos, is held every July.

Overall, there are numerous festivals that every tourist can go to celebrate the essence of Quirino. Every Quirino festivities is worth the time and travel because each celebrates different unique aspects of the province that every local and international tourist must experience.

Highway to Paradise

Life’s good when you hit the road with the sun over your head and wind on your hair. Quirino’s country roads are ideal for cyclists and bikers that want to cruise and enjoy the road. Motorcycle enthusiasts promote Quirino as a haven for bike riders because of its long, country roads. Depending on your preference, you can have solo rides, but it is best to enjoy the road with friends or a club for extra safety precautions. If you’re interested, you can join one of the country’s biggest motorcycle festivals, “Quirino Motorismo,” usually held in March.

A Piece of Quirino

Recognized as a One Town One Product (OTOP), Quirino’s souvenir shops sell fossilized flowers that you can add decoration to your home. What’s interesting is that fossilized flowers are not made of flowers but of alibangbang leaves that are native to Quirino. Fossilized flowers vary in color, and you can customize your bouquet in whatever color combination you like. These products are a must-have for all Quirino visitors because they represent the province, and what’s better than taking home a remembrance of a beautiful place.

Chasing Waterfalls

As the Forest Heartland of Cagayan, Quirino harbors forests with majestic waterfalls as its landmark. Each municipality showcases different waterfalls that you and your family or friends can enjoy. All with the help of a tour guide to reach your destination. Pensal Falls, Ganano Falls, and Mabo Falls are just a few hidden gems you can go to in Quirino.

World of Caves

Aglipay Caves and Diamond Caves are two of the most promoted caves in the province. These caves contain glistening stalagmite and stalactite columns that leave you in awe. Coming here is a little challenging because you must trek and navigate the cave waters but don’t worry; the area is secured, and tour guides will help you in your journey. After exploring the caves, you can dip in the natural springs inside and refresh yourself before going back.

Quirino Watersports Complex

Can’t surf waves in the mountains? Quirino says otherwise.

If you’re up to having some fun in the water, the Quirino Watersports Complex is perfect for an adrenaline rush. Located in the Provincial Capitol complex, it holds promise to be the future center of wakeboarding competitions. The world-class water playground hosts many water sports activities such as wakeboarding and winch park, a scenic pavilion, and a hilltop infinity pool surrounded by greenery perfect for Instagram, special events, and photo/video productions.

Governor’s Rapids and Eco-parks

As part of the municipality of Maddela, the rapids are found along a stretch of the Cagayan River.

The cruise starts at the gigantic limestone formations that serve as the shelter for the conquerors of the raging rapids of the Cagayan River. Like a rollercoaster, you will encounter smooth waters and raging rapids that will make you scream at the top of your lungs!

They say that you haven’t truly experienced the province if you did not ride the rapids of the Cagayan River. Along with the experience comes stopovers where you can swim, cliff jump, and explore shallow cave pools.

After the adrenaline rush from the rapids, you can explore the seven-staged waterfalls in Maddela Eco-tourism park. It will only take you a short trek to reach the falls. Then, it will be a perfect opportunity to relax with nature. Also, you can swim and have a picnic in its crystal pools.

Quirino Province Museum

As they say, one must not forget the past to preserve the future. Located in Cabarroguis, the museum showcases the history and ethnic richness, and diversity of cultures of all tribes in the province of Quirino. The vibrant colors and historical diversity entails the heritage and way of life of the Dumagat, Ifugao, Isinay, Bugkalot, Gaddang, and Ilocanos that are part of the province’s communities.

Hospitable Stay

After spending your day engaging in activities of Quirino, you deserve a pleasant rest. Quirino offers many mountain resorts that fit your budget. Along with the pleasant stay are hospitable staff that accommodates your needs and delicious food that fill up a hungry traveler’s tummy. With provided security, you can sleep soundly under the star-lit night sky.

Key Takeaway

Quirino Province lives up to its name as a basket of happiness. The province is a complete package of fun activities and festivities that every tourist would like. Quirino’s eco-adventures and hospitable people can make every second of your stay worth it. So if you’re feeling sad, take a trip to Quirino to relax and unwind. Let its wonders fill up your bucket of happiness.

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