What Do Residents of Arlington, VA, Do for Fun?

Although Virginia is chock full of incredible historical moments and beautiful monuments to the changes it’s brought to the nation: there’s still a lot of fun here! From axe throwing to exploring beautiful parks and nature, it’s easy to find something that speaks to your needs and wants!

These are the top things that Arlington residents do for fun.

1. Explore the Mosaic Park

When things heat up, and your family wants to spend time outdoors with one another, it’s time to head to Mosaic Park! This fun water and theme park offers space to stop and cool off in the summer heat.  


Although this isn’t a massive playground, it still has enough to do and see that the average kid will wear themselves out in no time! 

2. Have Fun Swinging Your Clubs

Golf is huge in the South, but Swingers might surprise you! Not only is this an indoor park, but it’s also actually a mini-golf experience! At swingers, you can stop and focus on your swing while having fun with friends and loved ones.  


This is one of the highest-rated non-historical stops in the city, and for a good reason! It’s fun and gets everyone into motion.

3. Check Out Exorcist Steps

Exorcist is one of the top-rated movies in the world, despite being fifty years old. Because of this, everything this movie touched while in production has become a famous landmark, and these stairs are no different. When you visit this awesome stop, you can walk the same steps that were made infamous by the movie and feel a little bit of that glamor.  


Although these were never actually haunted, and there’s no way to tell if this scene in The Exorcist is based on a real moment, many horror and movie fans love to stop and enjoy the macabre feeling of walking where they did in the movie.  

4. Mushroom House

If you want to make a stop that’s unexpected and love bizarre architecture, it’s time to visit the Mushroom House! This attraction often gets referred to as a ‘Smurf house’ because of its funky construction and bizarre roof shape. You’ll want to take lots of pictures.  


This is one of the city’s best-kept secrets, with many only noticing it when they look at Arlington real estate or happen to be in the neighborhood. Not only is it a statement, but it’s absolutely beautiful.

5. Blow Off Steam by Axe Throwing

Axe throwing has seen a national surge in popularity, and Arlington isn’t immune to its charm! This exciting and frightening task allows you to stop and blow off steam while you’re in town. Trainers teach each visitor the correct way to throw the axes and how to make sure you’re safe while also hitting the target. Get a little competitive and have fun trying this sport with your friends! 

Arlington is Incredible

Arlington is more than just beaches and massive cemeteries! If you’re in town and want to have fun, consider checking out some of these destinations.

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