Create A professional Makeup Look With Your Eyeshadow Pallets!

It is very easy to purchase an eyeshadow palette as we easily get attracted to its colors, sparkles and shimmers. But it is a real challenge when it comes to using these palettes as a lot of people are not familiar with how to use these palettes or to create a look of their choice. This is a totally different type of challenge, especially when it comes to your favourite kind of eyeshadow palette with all the colors that you love. However, in order to create a look of your choice one does not require a professional degree in arts or one does not have to be a professional makeup artist. In order to achieve your desired look, all you need are the right type of eyeshadow brushes and a variety of colors that could be present in the Makeup eyeshadow palette and would fit according to your skin tone.

What Color Goes Where?

The eyeshadows might often seem very similar to one another, as it seems like a whole range of colors packed in a small box with a variety of shades and textures. Most of the time the eyeshadow palettes come in a categorized way. They can be categorized into lights, medium and dark shades.

Applying the Light shade

The light shade over your eyes acts like a mini spotlight for the whole makeup look. Just the way you add on your favorite highlighter over your features that you want to become prominent. The same way it is in the case of the light color eyeshadows they should be applied over the point that you want to highlight the most which is the corner of your eyes. And the middle of the lid, adding light shades to these spots will reflect a good amount of light which would give your eyes a brighter and an effect of depth combined with the darker shades that would come next in contrast.

Applying the Medium Shade

The medium shades act as the key shades in your eyeshadow palettes. They are key shades that are used to create an ideal makeup look according to how theatrical you want it to be. In the case of a makeup look that is more of a natural look, it is created with the help of medium shades that are exactly the same as your skin tone or slightly darker than that. The medium shade is evenly applied across the entire eyelid. In order to elevate the dimension, one needs to add a slightly darker shade over the crease of the eye with a brush that is smaller and tapered.

Applying the Darker Shades

The darkest colors that are often present in your eyeshadow palette are either for the purpose of creating contours or liners. Applying these dark colors requires a little extra effort but they result in a great and spectacular look. The darkest color could be used to form a ‘V’ like the corner of the eye. The use of these darkest shades would be helpful in creating an illusion of giant eyes.

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