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Difference between Domain and Web Hosting in Pakistan 2022

Every website needs both web and domain web hosting in lahore. It’s natural to mix them up. These are two unique things.

All three companies offer both web and domain web hosting in lahore. When starting a new website, it’s common to buy both a domain and web hosting from the same firm. As a result, the two services are easily confused. Let’s go over each service and why it’s best kept separate.

Domain Hosting

Domain hosting provides website domain names. A domain hosting company offers and registers domains for an annual fee. Domains cost anything from $10 to $1000 depending on their nature.

web hosting in lahore
web hosting in lahore

Depending on the domain’s popularity

It is divide into sections by dots. A domain, like a street address, points users to a website. Each domain has its own IP address, which locates it on the internet. It’s easy to remember and share a domain name than an IP address.

Levels separate domains. The most common are top-level and second-level. All web hosting companies that also host domains offer top-level domains, generic top-level domains, and second-level domains.
There are also specialty domain hosting companies that offer second-level domains and generic top-level domains like. Photo

Some TLDs, like country-code TLDs, are reserve for individual countries. In rare cases, a country domain can be use outside of the country it represents., for example, uses the Libyan country code TLD. Despite being situate in the US, has permission to use that domain.

When you buy a domain from a domain web hosting in lahore, you own it for the year. A domain just provides an address; a website requires web hosting.

So, what is web hosting?

To acquire web hosting, you must already own a domain. Your web host can sell you one if you don’t have one. Keeping them apart is vital, as we’ll see later.

Web hosting comes in several forms, the most common being share, managed, and dedicated. Several tools will be available to you depending on your web hosting choice. It is possible to maintain your website without having any technological experience.

However, other web hosting providers provide the owner access to the servers, requiring a competent technical staff. This type of hosting is easier to handle because it utilises the hosting provider’s in-house developers and techs.


Shared web hosting puts many websites on the same server. This is the best solution for small businesses and beginner bloggers.

Given that all websites on a shared server use the same RAM and CPU, this should never be an issue. Conversely, if one of the websites on a shared server has a traffic increase, the entire server suffers.


It allows each website to be house on its own server, unlike shared web hosting. Because they don’t share a server, websites with heavy traffic may have more bandwidth. Dedicated servers also provide enormous file storage for data-intensive websites.

On a dedicated server, the client has root and admin rights. This is a good option if the organisation has a technological team. Dedicated managed hosting for large websites without IT teams is also possible.


Just as shared/dedicated hosting and managed hosting have some overlap, so does domain hosting and web hosting. The misunderstanding derives from the fact that shared, dedicated, and cloud web hosting can all be handle.

Managing WordPress, files, and email is easy with managed hosting. All this, plus a team of developers who are always on hand to keep things running properly.

Having managed hosting saves time and frustration when things go wrong. Shared managed hosting is the most popular choice for small businesses and blogs. Companies with high-traffic websites should choose dedicated or cloud-managed hosting. Your domain works with any web hosting service.

Why Separate Your Domain and Web Hosting?

Buying domain and web hosting from the same provider is not always a good option. This has numerous causes.

Better anti-hacking security A distinct domain name and web hosting can help protect a website. Unauthorized users of your domain can access all of your files. They may then secure the website and relocate the domain. You’d lose it all. You will not lose a domain hosted by a different provider. Of course, you can’t use the same username and password.

web hosting in lahore
web hosting in lahore

Domain protection Assume you pay for web and domain hosting on the same day. Once your membership has expired, your domain will put on hold. In that case, you risk losing the domain.

Last Words

Distinguishing between domain and web hosting isn’t as difficult as it seems. This guide will help you clarify each item to a web design customer. You can also email them the link.

We hope this post helped you understand the differences between domain and web hosting digital marketing agency.

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