How to Turn off Vanish Mode on Facebook?

Facebook recently launched a new feature on all their applications like Instagram and Facebook that allows users to hide their chats after they have messaged their friends. This feature was known as Facebook vanish mode. A lot of people used this feature as it was something new and attracted them but in the midst, they did not stop to think that they did not know the process to reverse the steps. 

This means that after hiding their chats they did not know the steps with which they can get those chats and now they are looking for steps to know how to turn off vanish mode on messenger permanently. In this guide, we will tell you how you can turn Facebook vanish mode off. 

Steps to Turn off Vanish Mode On Facebook

It is not very difficult to turn off the vanish mode on Facebook and you can easily learn the process by reading the instructions that we are going to give here. Make sure that you follow the steps carefully in order to get your hidden chats back. 

  1. You need to open your Facebook account and then go to the chat on which you want to turn the Vanish mode off. 
  2. Now, remember that this process will only work if you have turned the Vanish mode and your earlier chats are not visible on the screen. 
  3. You need to swipe up on the screen to turn the Vanish mode off. 
  4. Send a message to your friend and then all your chats that have disappeared will be back. 
  5. You can also use this same process to turn off the messenger vanish mode on the Facebook messenger application. 

If you think that messenger vanish mode not working then, it could be possible that you have not enabled the vanish mode. See the instructions for the vanish mode carefully. 

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