New 2022 Cisco Certifications Explained in 5 Minutes | CCNA 200-301

CCNA is a certification that covers networking. In the It industry, there is a great scope for the certified people. Across the globe, employers search for the certified professionals in high salaries. In every sector in the industry, IT has its importance. Every business needs security and efficient network to manage tasks. Candidates who want to make their career in the IT field should not ignore this certification. There is a great demand for the Cisco professionals in the IT field. Learn more about it in the below lines. However, preparing for the exam is not easy all the time. For this purpose, you need to go for the best study material. You can access SPOTO for the best study material.

About Cisco CCNA

CCNA is a network certification. To pass the examination, you need to access the study guide online. These courses are good enough both for academic help and information purpose. Cisco CCNA is getting popular now a days and its compound are introducing as products of huge variety. It becomes very beneficial for the human being. It provides a lot of products of daily use. In fact it becomes an industry, which provides a huge variety of products of common use.

Exam Topics

Managing and Monitoring GoldenGate

  • Manage OGG command and data security
  • Implement and troubleshoot OGG Monitoring
  • Configure and manage Enterprise Manager 12cplug-in
  1. Configuration Options

  • Describe OGG configuration options (Data Definition Language (DDL), compression and encryption options)
  • Configure OGG Event Actions based on use cases
  • Configure Integrated Capture and deployment options
  • Troubleshoot Conflict Detection and Resolution
  1. Mapping and Transformation Overview

  • Implement use cases for transformation functions
  • Implement Macros that can simplify configuration
  1. Parameters

  • Explain the impact of parameter changes on OGG processes
  • Implement solutions using component parameters for replication requirements
  • Install commonly used OGG parameters
  1. Configuring OCG

  • Configure databases with OGG schema check script and Identifying pre-requisites for OGG installation
  • Install OGG
  • Configure replication components
  • Configure OGG Command Interface and Trail file Configuration / Management
  • Implement an initial load strategy
  • Explain the functionality of the OGG utilities
  • Identify and resolve issues in heterogeneous replication and providing appropriate solutions
  1. Architecture Overview
  2. Cisco GoldenGate Overview

It is easy to access the study material without any hassle. For more information, you can go now online.

Online help

Online learning is another blessing which offers much solution to the problems. Websites are there to solve the problems and provide the proper help in only geometry but in other subjects too. The website is very easy to access. You can get the material to study and prepare for the exams. It is simple to access the reliable resources online. It is great for the majority of the people to get access to the reliable study material. Practical construction is done for them to understand the key points. Difficult formulas are made easier for them and they are motivated to learn then.

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