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The boost in the cloud technology has raised multiple queries for users, and similarly, the QB users try to find an answer if QuickBooks hosting on the cloud would be a good idea for their accounting software. QuickBooks cloud hosting eliminates what stands missing in the desktop version of QuickBooks by giving the business owners power and flexibility over the company data present in the application. Multiple QuickBooks hosting providers are trying to make it in the market, and people switch to the cloud mode for all the right reasons. But, we won’t briefly sugarcoat the idea of QuickBooks Cloud but in detail list down what it is and leave the rest to you.

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What is meant by the term QuickBooks Hosting?

The QuickBooks Desktop version is installed on the network server that is hosted over the internet so that the application and its contents can be accessed by the authentic users online. This is what we mean when we refer to the QuickBooks Hosting on the cloud. The QuickBooks Desktop on the contrast has its data and related file on the local machine, which does not allow them to be accessed from another place and at any selected time, which has evolved into the primary breakdown for users who cannot be chained to a single device all the time.

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Are the terms QuickBooks Hosting by authorized service provider and QB Online same?

Putting it in simple words, QuickBooks Online is the version launched by Intuit itself to incorporate the cloud benefits into the applications but is beneficial where businesses are not in need of advanced features as that in QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise version. The QuickBooks Cloud hosting does get the application online, but the server chosen must be from Intuit authorized service providers and is not limited to the business size. With third-party hosting of the application, an extensive number of features and functionalities are given to you.

The essential areas where QuickBooks cloud Hosting keeps the upper arrow!

The dependency on a device to access software is long gone, and when working on the accounts of a business, it is important to involve multiple users apart from the CPA you have hired. QuickBooks Desktop, which restricted the user to work on a particular device, the QuickBooks Cloud Hosting helps get rid of the dependency. Collaboration, better productivity, 24×7 available support, and mobile access are the highlighting points of the QB cloud hosting. The thought of getting regular software upgrades is transferred to the hosting provider, who keeps checking the mentioned hassles for the users.

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Why QB Cloud hosting is the catch for you?

  1. Access Application and files Anywhere, Anytime: The ability of users to work on their QuickBooks and related files from any location and anytime when necessary, take the upper hand for the users as it makes other company tasks flexible.
  2. Quick Response: The speed of QuickBooks hosted on the cloud is much more than that on the local computer. But this also relies on the service delivered; hence, select the correct hosting provider for the best answer to your orders on QB hosted.
  3. Backup: When the file is on the local computer, it is prone to loss of data due to crashing Windows or corrupt QuickBooks company files. With QuickBooks cloud hosting, the backup of the company file gets created automatically so as to avoid any loss to the sensitive company data.
  4. Security: To ensure the top-notch security of the local desktop QB application, a series of steps are executed, such as password protection, firewall, anti-virus, etc. But, it does not still guarantee that you are sorted. On the different hand, separated from security standards for local devices, other encryption security, access-control guidelines are invented for a more secure environment.
  5. Support: When you host your solution in the cloud, you get technical support for your infrastructure 24/7/365 by phone, email, or chat. QuickBooks hosting provider handles the method to set up and sustain work, training, and troubleshooting errors and problems that might come with QuickBooks in the cloud.

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Overview into Cloud Hosting-Accounting Helpline

Providing an uptime of 99.995%, our perfectly managed dedicated server provides maximum control, high security, reliability, and customization that make it the leading option for numerous QuickBooks users. Our customers speak for itself, and our strong base of clients has thousands of CPA’s, Bookkeepers, small and large enterprises as well. We firmly believe that performance and reliability are the essential parameters required to support our users, and for this reason, our every dedicated server is fully equipped with advanced infrastructure and complete security measures so that every feature can be used with full security. The clients are able to schedule daily backups to protect the files from permanent loss or corruption.

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