How long does a cooler bag keep cold?

How long do cooler bags keep food cold?

Should I put the lunch bag in the fridge?

Where to put ice in a cooler bag?

Keep your food fresh all day.

Wondering how long a cooler bag will keep your food cold? Not sure whether to put ice in the lunch bag? Would you like advice on transporting your meal in the best conditions?

We will inform all of your concerns in this article.

An insulated bag keeps the cold between 6 to 8 hours, depending on the conditions of use. To effectively keep the cold in your lunch bag, we advise you to use ice packs.

Together, we will discover:

  • How long your food will stay cool in a cooler bag
  • If it is necessary to put the bag in the refrigerator
  • Where to put ice in a lunch bag

As a result of your reading, the cold storage time of your insulated lunch bag will no longer hold any secrets for you. You can then use your lunch bag effectively.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter now.

How long do cooler bags keep food cold?

You probably bring lunch to work or college every day, so all the food inside your lunch bag must stay cold. After all, who wants to take a bite of reheated yogurt or find their meal moldy inside the lunch box? It’s disgusting.

With chilled packaginginsulated lunch bags stay cold for about 6-8 hours, but it’s not foolproof. This is an approximation, and it all depends on several factors. I invite you to consult our explanatory article on how a cooler bag works to find out more.

However, do not leave your fresh food in the insulated lunch bag for too long. It is necessary to put them in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

Your insulated bag will stay cold for approximately 6h – 8h, depending on the conditions of use. According to a study by scientists, the danger zone for bacteria is between 4 and 60°C. At this temperature, bacteria proliferate faster, and your meal may go moldy. Your lunch bag can easily climb into this area if left unrefrigerated for too long.

If you don’t have quick access to a refrigerator, you can use techniques to keep your food fresh longer.

Should I put the lunch bag in the fridge?

As the name suggests, a cooler bag has thermal insulation. Therefore, placing your bag in the refrigerator will not cool its contents. However, the coolness present inside the lunch bag will take less time to dissipate.

Therefore, your insulated lunch bag must be refrigerated, especially if you do not plan to eat your meal quickly. This will allow you to keep your food safe until lunchtime!

It’s a good idea to put your lunch bag in the coolest place. A standard refrigerator sits at an average temperature of 2°C, well outside the danger zone for bacteria. So a lunch full of meat, dairy, or any other perishable food should be put in the fridge as soon as possible.

Where to put ice in a cooler bag?

Some lunch bags or coolers have a dedicated space specifically for ice packs. The ice pack should go in this space, in a zippered pocket inside the bag, or at least somewhere inside the bag.

However, some state that you must place the ice on top of the food. Others will say that the bottom of the bag is better. Either way, your best bet is to make sure you have an ice pack somewhere in your bag or cooler when traveling. And as soon as you can, be sure to put the lunch bag in the fridge!

Keep your food fresh all-day

You have understood it well. You should not leave your perishable foods too long without refrigeration to avoid mold. One of our electric or soft coolers is ideal for extending the shelf life. By using ice, it will keep your food cool for 8 hours.

You now have all the keys in hand to transport your favorite foods with complete peace of mind.

We advise you to use our insulated lunch bags, the quality of which is now well established. Designed with premium materials, your meal will retain all its flavor.

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