Personal Loan in Tier 1 Cities

Personal loans are unsecured loans that help you in times of need. Whenever you are stuck in a position where you are not able to arrange funds, you can apply for a personal loan. Whether it’s your wedding, a travel trip, a medical emergency, plans for debt consolidation or any other reason, you can avail a loan according to your eligibility requirements. You can apply for a personal loan both through online and offline mediums. The demand for loans is increasing day by day because of its benefits like ease of availability and instant approval. As the market standards vary according to your location, there are a different set of terms for availing a loan in each city. Here are some of the cities and their respective personal loan apply details.

Personal Loan Delhi

The minimum age to apply for a personal loan Delhi is 21 years. However, the maximum age goes up to 60 years. As Delhi is the capital of our country, there is no doubt in its expensiveness. Sometimes, there are situations in which people seem to find them in a financial problem, and they will require assistance. Situations like these insist people to take out a loan.

You need a minimum monthly salary of Rs 15,000-50,000 for a loan Delhi apply. Talking about personal loan Delhi rates, they usually fall between 10.25% to 30%. However, the loan Delhi rates highly depends upon your creditworthiness, monthly income, age, and other relevant factors.

Personal Loan Mumbai

Mumbai is indeed a city of dreams. However, we all know dreams cannot be accomplished with hard work and financial assistance. If you have a dream of a grand wedding, grand vacation or you have fallen into a medical emergency, you should not worry. This is because you can easily apply for a personal loan Mumbai both online and offline. You just need to have a strong CIBIL score and certain eligibility criteria. 

For a loan Mumbai apply, your monthly salary should be at least INR 15,000-50,000. The current loan Mumbai rates start from 10.25%. It also depends on other factors like your repayment capacity, financial background, type of profession etc. 

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