Things to See in Ashland, KY – Why a Bus Tour to this Kentucky City Can be Satisfying

When you are in a hurry to plan a vacation, it’s probably best to book tickets for bus trips. That spares you of the hassles of looking for good car rentals.  You can spend quality time with your family without worrying about where to park your car, which roads to take, etc.

What you can do in Ashland with your loved ones

If you are looking for the perfect place to chill this summer, visit Ashland. Situated on the banks of the Ohio River, it is primarily an industrial center. But that isn’t really why tourists flock to this city! Ashland has something for everyone. Whether it’s museums or cultural festivals, you will find plenty to do once you are here.

And the best way to get here is to look for “bus tours near me,” and read reviews before you make a choice. For those who like adventure, starting your holiday on a bus would be more exciting than anything. 

It makes perfect sense because you will be heading to a place like Kentucky that is popular for outdoor adventure. And Ashland is no exception. 

The good news is most of these adventurous locations can be arranged on day trips. That means less moving around with luggage and more convenient if you can book bus tours in Kentucky.

One of the biggest tourist attractions is Lake Vesuvius which you can visit when you are in Ashland. It will allow you to get a glimpse of the breathtaking Wayne National Forest. This lake is nearly 143 acres and offers you the chance to engage in the most perfect summertime activities you can think of.

Whether it’s fishing, boating, or canoeing, you will be spoilt for choice here. Take advantage of hiking trails and swimming areas in and around. And speaking of adventures; the Dragonfly Outdoor Adventures is a must-visit.

Plan a day tour to Dragonfly and you won’t be disappointed. Located only about half an hour away from Ashland, this is the best place to capture the mighty Appalachians.

For those who like kayaking and canoeing, hiking, and exploring, this is a treasure trove. You can take a short trek to Grayson Lake and put up in one of the rental cabins here.

The best way to make children enjoy every moment of their holidays is to find places which give them joy. One such place is the Black Horse Farm where you get to ride the beautiful beasts and buy fresh organic produce. What a fun way to teach the kids about nature’s goodness and experience the natural beauty around you!

For a daytime picnic, Camden Park is an excellent choice. It is now an amusement park and that just tells you why kids will love it here! You can reach this within 20 minutes from the city and it makes be the perfect fun outing for everyone.

Why bus tours in Kentucky give you a hassle-free way to tour the state

But tours in Ashland, KY, are the easiest way to explore a place like Ashland. This is especially true because you get to travel in ultra-comfortable coaches with your loved ones. The bus tour operators here leave no stone unturned to make sure you have a perfect experience riding their buses.

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