Fix the Errors in the Gmail Account

Gmail is one of the best email service providers out there which does not give any problem. But unfortunately there are users who face errors in their Gmail account.

Basic steps to fix the error in your Gmail account

Try a test mail:

You can send a mail to yourself to check if you receive the mail from you. Also try it in two different methods; first, send an email from the error Gmail account and another method is to send an email from another account of yours. By doing so, users can predict the reason for not receiving emails from Gmail

Check the server:

When you do not receive any email, you can also check the server since during the time of maintenance and difficulties it may be down. So you will have to know the status of the google account to know if the server is down or not. There are websites available to check all the details of this.

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Finally, if you find that the server is down, you will have to wait for a few hours until the server gets back to its own track.

Visit the folders available in your Gmail:

Another reason you will not be able to receive mail is when you accidentally push mail into a spam or trash account. So when you push mails into such accounts you might face errors like Gmail not receiving emails 2022

How to check if the mails are pushed to the spam folders? At the left panel of the Gmail account, when you scroll down in the area inbox, and send messages on that list you will find the spam folder and also the trash folder.

Once you remove the spam or trash from those folders, you could receive the mails in your inbox as usual.

When it comes to the trash folder either we accidentally delete it or if we have antivirus in our device it deletes the mail when it thinks that mail is a virus.

Update the app that you are using:

Also Gmail not receiving emails on android can be due to when the app is not updated to its latest version. When you keep on using Gmail from its old version, it may give some glitches and bugs now and then.

To update on an android phone you will have to visit the play store and if you are an iOS user, visit the app store. In the search box given in the store, type Gmail and now the official page will appear and you will have to click on the update option.

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When you keep having your outdated mail service provider it can result in syncing errors or you might lose emails.

Try accessing it another device:

If you are using the mail in your phone, try to access it on your desktop and check if you receive the mail on your desktop. Most of the time errors in the phone app will prohibit the smooth flow of the Gmail and so at that time you can access it and try from your desktop.

Access from different browser:

Now if you claim that you are using your Gmail from your desktop and still face this error, then we have another trick for you to implement. Try using your Gmail from a different version of your browser. Try any browser from the list that we provide. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge can help you to know if the problem is in your previous browser that you were using.

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Login again:

This is the simplest technique used to fix errors with your email server. All you have to do is just logout from your Gmail account and after a few minutes again login into your account. With this simple trick you can fix the error ‘Gmail not receiving emails on phone’.

Check your Gmail storage space:

Gmail accounts have a storage limit of 15 GB for all free users. When this limit is exceeded, simultaneously the errors on your mail also will exceed. Not only that, you might stop receiving the mails.

To fix this, if your storage is full you will have to free up some space so that your Gmail can receive the mails further.

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