How can a person apply for a tourist visa for the USA from India?

The USA is the perfect dream destination, that many people think to visit in their life. Some of the people go and enjoy the beauty of this place whereas some do not. The USA is considered to be the perfect dream destination because this is the place where you can enjoy checking out old museums, falls, beaches, and landscape beauty. If you are planning to visit this country for their culture, food and everything then visiting the USA will be worth it.

Plan a holiday for visiting the USA and we bet that this will be your perfect life decision of yours. However, before you do so you will have to apply for a tourist visa for the USA. Here is the article, that can let you have details about ‘How to apply for USA tourist visa from India?’ Check out the post carefully and know everything. Let’s start:

Do Indians need a tourist visa for entering the USA?

Yes, it is very much important for Indians to have a tourist visa before they enter the USA. The visa is going to serve as permission that you are eligible for visiting the USA. But before applying for the visa one should know about the places that they have to visit. This is because along with a holiday there are a number of rules that you will have to follow. So, carefully do each and everything.

Is there an arrival visa for Indian citizens in the USA?

No, the USA is the country that will not let you have an arrival tourist visa. Only a few parts of South and North America will help you in enjoying an arrival visa.

What documents are required for having a US tourist visa from India?

For visiting as a tourist in any of the country or nation, there are a number of documents that you need to have. If you are planning to visit the USA then the documents required by you are mentioned below. Check them out and collect them all before applying for the visa.

·       You should have your own original passport and that should be having six months validity date after arrival in the USA.

·       You need to collect all your old passports if having any.

·       Digital and hardcopy of your photograph as per the defined specifications.

·       You should carry along your interview appointment letter of yours. This is the most important thing that you should carry along yourself.

·       Another thing that you need to have is the US Visa Application confirmation page stamped at the Visa Application Center.

·       The last thing, to be carried along is the payment slip with paid fee.

However, these are some of the most important documents but the other supporting documents can include: your travel itinerary, bank funds and other proofs funds, TAX and PAN details along with the previous year tax documents, business card if you are having any. Hence, this is all you need to have if thinking to visit the USA for purpose of tourism.

To conclude, the USA is one of the best places that you can visit in your life. Think and apply for the USA visa today only.

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