Guy Grip: A Unique Tool That Keeps Wires From Breaking

Have you ever broken an electrical wire while doing home improvements? If so, you know firsthand how frustrating it can be when wires are not secured properly, and the potential safety hazard it poses. Now there is a solution to this problem: Guy Grip – a unique, non-conductive material that helps prevent wires from breaking when used in conjunction with self-adhesive tape.

What are some typical uses for Guy Grip?

A Guy Grip is a tool that is used to hold wires in place while they are being threaded or cut. It is also very useful for maintaining the tension on screws and bolts. Additionally, a Guy Grip can be used to hold pieces of metal in place while they are being welded.

What types of wires can you use Guy Grip on?

Guy Grip can be used on a variety of wires, including electrical wires, phone cables, and computer cables. Guy Grip is especially helpful when dealing with wires that are fragile or prone to breaking. Guy Grip is a great tool to have in your toolbox if you are frequently dealing with wires that are prone to breaking. By using Guy Grip, you can prevent any potential damage and keep your devices working smoothly.


Guy Grip is a unique tool that can help to keep wires from breaking. The device is made from a heavy-duty plastic and has a loop at one end. When it is twisted, the loop creates a tension on the wire, preventing it from breaking.

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