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Get Instagram Highlight Covers

How to Get Instagram Highlight Covers

Suppose you’re committed to your comprar seguidores twitter company’s appearance (which is what you should expect that you’re on social media for a reason). In that case, I’m certain you’re awed by the many ways social media allows users the ability to be innovating.

Applying filters to photographs, choosing the background color of your Stories, and creating collages, to the Boomerang and many more, you can unleash your imagination to amaze your audience.

Then, there are the highlight covers, an amazing way to prolong the longevity of your Stories.

This article will help you be aware of concerning Instagram highlight covers and how to obtain them.

What is an Instagram Highlight?

Before I go into what Instagram features are about, let’s jump back to the important events in the history of Instagram – the debut of Stories.

At this point, we began to play around with vertical content that was short-lived and was up for 24 hours.

Despite the excitement and spontaneity in the service, some users realized that they would like their Stories to be longer-lasting for our profiles.

This was when Instagram Stories Highlights came out, and their goal is straightforward – to help Your Stories remain longer.

These are highlighted circles. They pop on your profile after your bio and before your posts.

Here’s an example of the many highlights from WWF’s Instagram.

An example from Instagram cover covers with highlights.

Take note of how prominent the highlights Are. Their location will make them instantly noticeable. You’re sure to agree that it’s almost impossible for users not to read these stories every time they return to your account.

The other reason is the creativity behind these highlights. This leads us to the next issue.

There are many reasons to create unique Instagram highlights covers on your account.

Brand awareness, to name a few.

I’m sure you’ve heard that building a strong visual identity starts by improving your profile. First, your brand’s visual identity should be consistent from your profile image and posts to your Stories, down to the small details like Instagram highlights.

Highlights let you showcase the most important stories you have written.

Innovative Instagram highlight covers will help you get your followers to concentrate on the most important stories. Naturally, the capability to encourage them to visit and come back to your posts is an excellent chance to advertise your product or services or your team.

Imagine your top highlights as the windows for your store. It is important to get your first impressions correct.

Another illustration from Instagram Highlight Covers.

Sales increase

Your Instagram highlights could also help with conversions. You can include links to your top-selling products and provide quick access to the latest announcements to lead users to your website.

It’s a great method for new followers to learn about the brand and eventually become your customers.

How to Get Instagram Highlight Covers

There are three ways to choose from.

#1. Make use of an existing image from your most recent Stories

The procedure is very easy.

  • Click on the Stories you want to share
  • Find a Story you uploaded within the last 24 hours
  • Choose Highlight in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • Click “New” to make an entirely new highlight
  • Select your latest top
  • Click “Add” to include this on your Instagram profile

The image is generated automatically as a thumbnail of your Story. If you’re happy with your content, you’ve completed the highlight cover in just minutes.

If you’d like to make Highlights Highlight with older Stories, You’ll have to modify the first steps.

In this scenario, you’ll need to:

For More:

  • Visit your profile
  • the menu at the top.
  • Archive for access to the story archive
  • Select the stories you’d like to highlight in your summary
  • Click “New” to make an entirely new highlight
  • Select your latest top
  • Click “Add” to include this profile

#2. Use Pre-made Highlight Covers

Suppose you’d like to be more imaginative and expand beyond the picture of your Stories. In that case, There are a variety of online resources available to assist you in adding pre-made highlight covers.

For instance, Canva Stories and Adobe Spark provide various options to enhance your highlights with more creativity.

Here’s a short video demonstrating how to use Adobe Spark to create highlight covers.

#3. Create Custom Instagram Highlight Covers

If you’re looking to make Instagram cover covers for highlight posts representing your company’s image, this feature is perfect.

There are tools available such as Canva or PicMonkey online or Photoshop to get a professional appearance focused specifically on graphics design.

Remember, the dimensions of your Story that you’ll have to utilize are 1080×1902 pixels.

An editor can be seen in a visual format with an open outline template.

(A visual editor with templates that allow you to design your highlight covers.)

How to Add Custom Story Highlight Cover

After designing your highlight cover, it’s now time to include it in your profile.

This step-by-step guide to updating your cover on an already existing Instagram Highlight cover.

Log into your profile.

  • Click on the Highlight you like
  • Tap the three dots that read “More” at the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Select Edit Highlight
  • Hit “Edit Cover” to update the image
  • Upload the image
  • Adjust it as needed.
  • Click Done

And just like that, Your brand new Instagram highlighter cover is in the making.

Best Practices for Creating Instagram Highlight Covers

You’re now all set to create your own Instagram highlight covers. Here are some useful ways to become more creative.

Be aware of your brand’s style.

Highlight covers are a representation of your company’s image. They appear on your profile.

Be sure to ensure that they are in line with your company’s guidelines to make your profile appear professional.

Consider the colors and fonts or the logo that makes your brand look unique while assisting your followers in connecting to your brand in a flash.

Make yourself stand out by using icons.

Whether you’re making your covers or using graphics from the past, it’s still possible to be noticed by using icons.

It is possible to be minimalist by using just one icon per cover, but you must nevertheless be descriptive.

We’ve also used icons so that it is easy to know what each Highlight is about. Questions marks are utilized on the cover for Q&A, and the light bulb is being used for inspiration while a paper icon is used to display the most recent information.

Instagram profile, showing highlights.

Many brands are adopting the same approach of being as minimalist as they are creative.

Make sure you are consistent with highlights on your covers.

If you’re planning to design several highlight cases, be sure that the branding remains the same.

You can have fun by changing the hues from one Highlight to the next. But, it’s important to have some consistency between the covers. Other.

It will make your profile look more cohesive and professional.

Experiment using text

Have you ever thought about adding some text to your highlight cover?

If you can only see a tiny thumbnail, it doesn’t mean you can’t include some text.

A variety of publishers and brands employ texts to explain the stories and how they differ from one another.


Check that the font you choose to use isn’t too small or too big for your cover.


Highlight covers for Instagram that are creative can boost your brand’s image.

You can increase your image, market the latest products or even highlight your staff.

Choose the best stories and then create captivating highlights that will be the perfect way to introduce your brand to your fans.

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