Top 2022 Home Automation Trends

Are you looking for the best ADT security system for business or home automation? Our houses are becoming more innovative as a result of new technology. Smart home technologies, gadgets, and software may be used to enhance and automate entertainment, residential, and business security systems.

Let’s take a look at the top innovative home trends for 2022. But, first and foremost, what exactly is home automation?

What is the definition of home automation?

Smart home gadgets and other innovative technology are used in home automation to automate and manage household processes. Innovative home technology. For example, may allow you to manage your house’s lights from your smartphone. Switch on or off your air conditioning using voice commands, and play different music in various places across your property.

Trends in Home Automation in 2022

Technology advances at a rapid pace. In 2022 and beyond. There are a few significant home automation trends to keep an eye on.

Intelligent power boards

Power boards aren’t new; they’re convenient gadgets that enable us to plug in, charge, and utilize our ever-increasing array of computers, phones, televisions, and appliances. Smart power boards provide the same capabilities but in a more efficient manner.

A smart home device that enables you to monitor your energy use in real-time from your smartphone is a Wi-Fi-equipped power strip. You may also observe which appliances use the most energy and when they are doing so.

Home security from the outside

The safety of your home is a primary concern. Outdoor home security systems with innovative technology let you monitor your property from anywhere. At any time, using your phone or any internet-connected device.

Not only can you use an app (such as the ADT security app) to see high-quality, real-time video footage. But you can also set up alarm systems and inform your security provider or the police in the case of a break-in.

Intelligent doorbells

Smart doorbells with pre-buffer motion triggering were released in early 2022. This brand-new function, similar to CCTV, enables the doorbell to start taking video as someone approaches your door rather than when they are already there – all of which you can see in real-time and later through your phone. This additional high-quality footage might be crucial if your home’s security is penetrated.

The use of smart locks

Intelligent locks are just another smart home innovations that 2022 will bring. These ground-breaking intelligent home technologies make your house more available to you – and less accessible to would-be attackers. Many work with accurate speech recognition, offering near-impenetrable protection without the need for a key!

Should You Invest in Smart Home Devices?

Which smart home gadgets you should choose are determined mainly by your priorities. If you want to improve your security, for example, a smart doorbell is a great option. Innovative technology that allows for remote, real-time monitoring is also rising.

Bright lighting and power boards gadgets may be a better choice if you’re more concerned about lowering your energy expenditures.

Finally, if you’re enthusiastic about home entertainment, you can’t go wrong with a smart speaker and smart TV.

What Are the Advantages of Using Smart Technology in Your Home?

There are several advantages to home automation. Here are a few examples:


Life is made simpler by intelligent home gadgets. You can use your phone to manage almost every part of your house, which means no more rushing around turning off lights and closing curtains.


Innovative home technology makes it affordable and straightforward to set up a reliable security system for your home or company.


While home automation trends may need an initial outlay, the amount of control you have over things like energy use can help you save money in the long term.

Get Started with Home Security Automation

Are you ready to benefit from innovative home security trends? Contact an ADT Security specialist now for a fair quotation on installing a security system in your home or business.

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