Buy The Best Pressure Washer Wholesale

When looking for the best pressure washer available wholesale, be aware of the options available in terms of pump, pressure rating, water heating and power supply. You need to find a supplier that specializes in both complete systems and pressure washer parts.

The water pump is the heart of your washing system and you have several choices of pump type.

 Belt driven pumps run at lower speeds and usually last longer, but are around 20% more expensive than direct drive pumps of the same power and PSI. You also have to choose between reciprocating pumps, axial pumps, and camshaft pumps. Piston pumps are the least efficient as they encounter the resistance of the piston spring with each stroke. Axial flow pumps have larger bearings and oil reservoirs, so they run cooler and longer. Camshaft pumps are the most efficient of the axial pumps and also operate at a lower temperature. Camshaft pumps can run 1000 hours without maintenance and are easy to service, while other types often require replacement after approximately 500 hours.

You should also choose your system based on pressure measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) and flow measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Light, odd jobs such as cleaning cars and lawn equipment can be done with 1300 to 2200 PSI washing machines. For heavier and more frequent jobs, such as cleaning vinyl siding, you’ll need 2200 to 3000 PSI. They are considered professional washers and are used by contractors for work such as paint preparation and cleaning of heavy equipment.

Most systems use unheated water.

 It is the perfect solution for most applications. However, there are works that require hot water, incl. B. removal of substances of the type. B. sticky oil. The ones that heat the water use an oil or propane burner and are much more expensive than unheated systems. The heater also requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity. And you should never “cheat” trying to draw hot water from a cold water system as this can seriously damage the seals and pump o-rings.

Pressure washers are lightweight washing machines that are generally quieter. They’re great for small jobs, but you need to connect a power cord to them. Today’s pressure washers require the use of GFCI circuit breakers (Earth Fault Circuit Breakers) in operation. Gas powered systems are designed for heavier applications and typically provide pressures from 1700 to 4000 PSI. They’re also a bit more portable as you don’t need to plug a power cord into them. Some may draw their water from sources other than the high pressure hose which means they can work without a water line as long as it has a tank.

Choose a wholesaler that specializes in complete systems and parts to keep them running smoothly. From motors to seals, you want to be able to get the parts you need from a source that knows inside pressure washers. This is a big investment and to get the most of it you need to find a supplier that specializes in pressure washers and everything that comes with them.

If you are in the market to repair your pressure washer you may be interested in checking our pressure washer spare parts or you may need high pressure pumps. We also have a wide range of spare parts for hot water burners.

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