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The Voice of Reason: VOC Feedback from Customers

In the world of business, the customer is the king. They dictate how businesses should operate and set patterns for the future. Brands should accommodate customer needs, or they will soon disappear from the market. Customer feedback helps businesses understand the reception of their products and services. But such feedback is unorganized and doesn’t make any difference to the business. But if brands adopt a systemic approach, they can leverage customer feedback to drive more sales. That is what VOC Feedback is.

What is the Voice of the Customer?

The Voice of the Customer (VOC) is a systemic approach to collecting customer feedback and using it to improve customer experience. It is about considering both customer experience and their expectations for brand growth. The VOC process gives valuable data about customer needs, interests, preferences, pain points, and their aversions to certain products. By studying them, brands can improve their service, increase sales, and expand their brand. So, digital marketing in Adelaide should also include VOC.

Benefits of the VOC program 

Building stronger relationships 

Relationship building is a necessary prerequisite for sales conversions. But merely starting relationships with customers is not enough. Brands have to ensure that the bond with customers gets stronger and deeper. The VOC program helps brands ensure that they hear what their customers have to say about them. If customers feel that companies listen to their voices, they will increase their participation in the brand. Companies doing digital marketing in Adelaide can better understand customers and improve their customer service through VOC.

Long-term relationships with customers

The VOC program allows businesses doing digital marketing in Adelaide to collect valuable information about their users. They can find what customers like about their products and why some people leave. It will help them increase client retention rates and boost customer loyalty. Acquiring new customers is expensive, which is why brands can use the VOC program for long-lasting relationships. 

Product Innovation 

Many brands spend a significant amount on research and development. But they can save their money if they focus more on the VOC program. Many customers leave their feedback on the website and social media for free. Although customers are not paid for their feedback, the data is valuable. They are full of insights that will dictate future products and the direction the company should take for future goals. 


Companies need profits, and there is no incentive for them if they are not generating sufficient revenue. They use VOC to identify opportunities and work on them to increase their profits. Likewise, they will know the areas that cost a lot to the company. All this information will help them reduce costs and maximize profits. In addition, they can work with experts providing local SEO services in Australia to optimize for conversions.

Stages involved in the VOC program

Brands investing in the VOC program should go through three stages to enhance their customer experience. 

  1. Collection: Brands must first collect data about their customers through various data collection campaigns. They should provide incentives for customers to review their products.

2. Analysis: Customer data is worthless unless brands interpret it to inform their campaigns. Data analysis is about connecting the dots and understanding the big picture from customer data. 

3. Implementation: At this stage, companies should adapt to customer expectations. Customers must see that their brand is making changes and considering their opinions. 

Different Ways to Capture Customer Feedback

Interview Customers

Interviewing customers is the classic method to receive customer feedback. Interviews are limited to the sample size, time of the interview, and various factors. But companies can get into customers’ minds and derive valuable insights in person, by phone, or through video calls.

Online Surveys

Some customers might not prefer in-person interviews. Creating online surveys would help such customers share their experiences. They only take a few minutes of the customers’ time. Several templates are available online, and web surveys are easy to set up. The survey forms should be well-optimized. Brands can work with experts providing local SEO services in Australia to optimize their forms.

Online reviews

Customers leave their reviews on GMB and other third-party sites. These reviews boost the brand’s reputation and help in VOC research. They can increase conversion rates as positive reviews would attract more customers. So, brands should ensure that happy customers review their products. They can also automate requesting reviews and save time.

Social Media

Brands can ask their customers to take online surveys on social platforms. Various tools allow brands to keep track of what customers say on social media. Customer engagement through interactions and comments also helps in VOC research. So, brands can participate in forums and communities to learn what customers think about their brand. If the engagement rates are low, companies should work with experts providing local SEO services in Australia.

Recorded Customer Calls

Brands should record their calls with customers. It helps them collect valuable data and study them in-depth. By analyzing these calls, marketers can identify complaints and success stories.

Talking to the Customer Support Team

Customers need the services of the support team to address their grievances. They would tell them the issue they have with their products. So, the support team would have sufficient knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of the products. Marketers should talk with the support team to gather customer data to enhance their campaigns.


Customer feedback available online is a goldmine, but brands don’t make good use of it. If they are willing to look at them, they can unpack opportunities for more revenue. So, brands must listen intently to what their customers speak.

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