Solution to Download All Emails From Exchange Server

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In this blog, we will discuss the entire solution to download all emails from Exchange Server. If you are also one of those users then, no need to go anywhere, just continue reading this blog and find out a better solution to download the bulk number of emails.

This query has been arising for several Exchange users when they are facing multiple issues while using Exchange accounts. Maybe there will be some corruption issue, some hacking issue, some virus attacks, or multiple other issues. While facing this kind of issue, users need to download the data to store them as a backup in the system, and many times it happens that users download all the emails into the PST format that includes the entire data including emails, contacts, calendars, and other data items.

There are both manual and professional solutions for this available on the Internet. We will discuss both ways and you can continue with any of the ways that you want to.

Download All Emails from Exchange Server Manually

The manual solution is not preferable and possesses multiple limitations while downloading the data.

  •  Users need a lot of technical knowledge for downloading the data.
  • It will take much time and effort by the users.
  • Does not support inaccessible files whether they are corrupted or orphaned.
  • There may be a loss of data and maybe data will be deleted.

Do not have the ability to download offline exchange EDB items.

And, it is good to continue with the solution who have this kind of disadvantage so it is better to use the automated approach to carry out the conversion faster.

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How do I download all emails from the exchange server to the local pst? – Complete Steps

After understanding the limitations, hope you will be able to find your correct path. Moreover, for better conversion, we recommend you to continue with the perfect solution. The tool is a powerful utility that allows users to download the bulk number of emails to a local PST to store them easily for future purposes.
Moreover, it will not possess any kind of limitation while downloading the bulk of data. It also provides a user-friendly interface and can be easily used by all users without the need for any kind of technical knowledge. The software also supports all types of Exchange EDB files whether they are corrupted, disabled, disconnected, hosted, or others. And can download the emails along with including email data items.
While uploading the data, you just need to browse the path where the data has been stored and you can easily see the active directory files and upload them directly to the system folder. There is also a filter option that allows users to carry out the needed data using different intents such as by using a particular focus keyword. Date Range Filter allows you to carry out emails of a particular duration.

But you need to keep in mind, that you will only be able to download emails from the exchange server when you are using the Live Exchange Server Environment.

Step-By-Step Guide to Download All Emails from Microsoft Exchange Server

  •  Install and run the mentioned tool in the existing Windows OS system and start it to start downloading the data.
run exchange export tool
  • Enter the login credentials of Exchange Server and other details such as Active Directory IP, Admin SMTP Address, and Password. Also, choose the server version and option to include sub-domain users. Then, log in there.
enter details to download emails from exchange server
  • Choose the needed number of EDB mailboxes and click on OK.
select the needed emails
  • From the category option, choose mails and other required data items that you want to export. Then, enter the browsing location and click Export.
download all emails from exchange server
  • After that, you can be able to see the downloaded mails in the PST format in the browsing path.In case, if you have some EDB files and you want to download the emails from them to different formats then you can use EDB File Converter and convert them into PDF, PST, MSG, HTML, MBOX, and EML.
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Features of the Mentioned Utility

1. Users can download the bulk number of emails in a single attempt. While exporting bulk data, there will not be any kind of data loss. And the entire data consistency will be maintained throughout the process.
2. The software will export a UNICODE PST File that is supported by all the versions of Outlook. It will maintain the entire data consistency throughout the process.
3. Able to extract all the needed data items along with mails instantly by choosing the required options from there.
4. Even a user from non-technical background can use this software without the need for any kind of technical guidance.
5. You can also export disconnected folders and public mailbox folders to PST without facing many technical issues.
6. This utility is also compatible with all the versions of Windows OS and all other 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.

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Hence, in the end, the entire mentioned method is clear, and hope there will not be even a single doubt from your side. By performing these simple steps, users can download all emails from Exchange Server to a local pst file. For offline EDB file users, there is also another method mentioned that will carry out the results.

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