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What Are Site Plans?

Site plans are used to represent a building as a diagram, and can include architectural and technical drawings, and landscape plans. They show the distribution of a building and include exterior elements of the property, such as swimming pools, terraces and garden layouts.

Site plans are drawn to scale and are ideal for illustrating the size of a house and its orientation on a parcel of land. Site plans include the floor plan of a house, which is helpful in differentiating rooms from outside areas and the garden.

The property information included in the site plan is helpful to homeowners, helping them get an idea of ​​potential improvements that can be made to the property to make the most of interior and exterior space. Seeing the house and garden from a bird’s eye view highlights the available space and serves as inspiration to make better use of it. After seeing your house on a site plan, you may decide to have a corner of the garden to be able to have dinner with your friends or build a shed to accommodate your guests.

Site plans are useful for both homeowners and professionals, such as landscapers or builders, when making alterations and improvements to a property. Site plans give an overview of the property and are great for planning and illustrating garden and home renovation projects.

What kind of site plans can be drawn?

There are 2D and 3D versions of site plans, which can be used for home improvement and landscaping projects, as well as real estate sales.

2D site plans

A 2D site plan provides a very simple bird’s eye view of a building. It clearly represents the distribution of a property and is easy to interpret. Typically, a 2D site plan is done in black and white or color-coded to represent, for example, garden areas in green and terraces in brown.

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3D site plans

A 3D site plan is a three-dimensional representation of a building’s layout. It includes design details, furniture and accessories in 3D, as well as floor finishes and textures. Viewing a property in 3D brings it to life and allows you to visualize the space more realistically. With Usasiteplans, you can view the property from above or tilt and turn it to view it from different angles.

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Draw your own site plan

With Usasiteplans, you can create your own site plan from the comfort of home. With our intuitive online application it is very easy to draw a site plan, including the outdoor area, and furnish it with customizable brand or generic products that you can choose from our extensive catalogue. Create the building design in 2D, and furnish it and view it in 3D! Easily print or share 2D and 3D images of your site plan online. Learn how to use our site plan software to create your own in three easy steps.

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