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How Can Yelp Filters Help Your Business Grow? 

Yelp users have written more than 177 million reviews by the end of 2018. Thirty-three million people visited the Yelp application monthly in 2018, and 69 million visited the mobile web, which means that billions of queries are searched everywhere. You can find anything you are looking for on Yelp. For example, if you want to find, you can type it on the Yelp search bar, and you will see all the nearest services you are looking for or anywhere in the world. To help you find the service or product you are looking for, Yelp has come up with many filters. These filters can help you decide which service suits you the most. You can find these filters near the Yelp search bar. Most customers use this filter every day to find the perfect service provider or product. If a business wants to attract more clients and customers, it needs to work on the essential filters. This is why JDM Web Technologies uses all-important filters to gain more customers and significantly impact the market.

How Can You Use The Term Filters?

When a customer goes through Yelp to find out a service or a product he is looking for, he uses the filters provided by Yelp for better results. JDM Web Technologies services can go through the data and find out the specific filters used by the users, which can be further used to improve the business. By doing this, a company can have more access to the needs and requirements of customers. Now let’s talk about the most popular filters on Yelp.

Filters Used For Services 

Open Now

Open now is the most used filter in the Yelp search column. The work of this filter is to tell you which service provider and business is open to taking your service. This will also tell you the business’s opening and closing times. If local businesses use this filter to navigate a customer, they are likely to select them because of their presence in the market. If a customer wants to hire a service provider as soon as possible, he can use the open now filter that will give him the information of all the local service providers that are open right away.

Responding Time

As discussed above, the customer usually wants the service as soon as possible. This is why a responding time filter can help a service provider win a customer. If the responding time of service is very high, meaning that it takes much time to respond, then the customer might not be interested in that service provider. But if a customer finds out about a service provider with the least amount of responding time, he is likely to go there. From this, you can understand how vital a responding time filter is to a service provider. If a service provider takes very little time to respond, the customer will likely hire that service provider before hiring someone always late.


Discounts and crazy deals have always been a prime factor for customers when it comes to choosing a service provider. If this filter is appropriately used, the service provider can quickly gain trust and access to many customers within no time. However, a service provider must be aware of the customer’s discount since this might cost money.

Customers use a few more filters to help them find the right service provider. Filters like credit card options also play an essential role.

Filters Used For Restaurants, Hotels, Etc.


When a customer is looking for a restaurant or a hotel, he generally inquiries about the reservation. A reservation guarantees a table, which gives trust to a customer. Many hotels and restaurants use this filter to get more customers every year.

Delivery options

Sometimes a customer wants their food delivered rather than sit in the restaurant to eat it. This is why many restaurants use delivery options as a filter to get more customers who want their food delivered.


Take out means the food gets packed, and you can take it away with you. Sometimes a customer wants to take away the food rather than eat it. This filter is most common for restaurants and other food places.

Outdoor Setting

Outdoor settings are prevalent these days. This is why you can find this as a filter in Yelp. Many customers like to have lunch, dinner, or breakfast in the open, which makes this helpful filter.

Including these filters, open now is used here too.

Filters Used By Health Services


Most clinics and health service providers want a customer to have an appointment. This is why the position is an essential factor used as a filter in health services. Beauty businesses also use this.


Kids also have to use health care services. Most clinics are kid-friendly these days. Therefore this filter is beneficial to bring younger clients.

Filters like accepting credit cards, opening now, and offering a deal, are also used in this category. Places like grocery shopping also use these filters to increase customers.


These were some of the filters that are used widely in Yelp. If a customer wants to get a specific service or a product, he is likely to use these filters to filter out unnecessary business. Filters reveal a customer’s priority, and therefore, if you want to grow your business and gain more customers, you should look out for it. Filters like open to all, discounts, and responding time is used chiefly filters in all the departments. So it should be a business’s top priority to work on them. We hope you understand how vital filters are to customers and service providers in Yelp. If a service provider manages all the filters appropriately, he will get more customers. Still, if he neglects these filters, his online presence will have less impact than his competitors in the market.

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