10 Tips That Can Help Out Students Who Are Gaming-Addicts

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Most of us like playing video games, don’t we? However, sometimes, we often spend a lot of time playing them, ignoring studies in the process. This is hazardous for your future, as you can’t mention your progress in a game on your CV when you’ll be looking for a job. You have to create a strict schedule where you can complete your assignments productively, study well, and also play games. So, if you are a student who is addicted to gaming, here are some tips that can help you strike the perfect balance between studying and playing games.

1.      It’s a Leisure Activity – In Most Cases

Unless you are a professional gamer who wins every competition and makes a living out of prizes, you should consider gaming a non-productive activity. You will endlessly keep completing levels and spend many hours in an activity that gives you nothing back. So, if you have any plans or tasks to achieve, do not postpone them just because you are curious about your game progress. We are not saying that you shouldn’t play games at all. However, sacrificing other daily tasks just for the sake of gaming is not right.

2.      Complete Your Remaining Work before Gaming

Many students get so involved in gaming that they forget they have assignments to complete and lectures to revise. Gaming is a leisure activity. It should be treated as a reward, not a daily activity. So, you should commit to studying and completing assignments rather than finishing levels in your games. Your high scores won’t help you get better career opportunities, but scoring high on your assignments and exams will. Once you write your assignments and revise your lectures, you can open your PC or console to start gaming.

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3.      Don’t Spend Your Sleeping Time in Gaming

Getting enough sleep is extremely crucial for your health and daily productivity. There is no activity in the world that you should sacrifice your sleep for, not studying, and definitely not gaming. If you are quite busy with your assignments and don’t have enough time for gaming, we won’t recommend you lose sleep for the sake of playing games. As we discussed before, making progress in a game won’t serve any purpose in your life. Moreover, staring at a screen continuously when you are supposed to sleep and giving your eyes some rest can lead to major eye issues.

4.      Set a Time Limit

When we play outdoor games, we give up when we run out of energy. However, as you are sitting on your couch or chair while playing video games, you are not using much energy, which means you can play a game for long hours at a stretch. This will ruin your schedule as a student, especially when you have many assignments to complete. So, even if you are done with your work for today, it doesn’t mean you can keep gaming for the rest of the day. Instead, set a time limit and if you still have some spare time left, invest it in some productive activities.

5.      Play Some Outdoor Sports Occasionally

There is a reason why universities encourage students to play sports and participate in different recreational activities. Sports increases blood flow in your body, which ultimately affects your brain’s focus and overall functioning. Thanks to sports, you will be able to concentrate better in class and understand complicated concepts with more clarity. Also, it is great for your mental health and makes you more intelligent and mentally sharp. However, if you substitute outdoor activities with video games, it will only negatively impact your health.

6.      Workout to Keep Yourself Motivated and Energetic Throughout the Day

Just like playing outdoor games, exercising at least once every day is very effective for your mental growth. Moreover, it makes you strong, flexible, and healthy. However, gaming endlessly can make your body weak and vulnerable to sickness. Moreover, you won’t be able to focus on your studies and will get distracted very easily. Therefore, add a simple workout routine to your daily life.

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7.      Don’t Have a Lot of Caffeine to Stay Awake

If you are a gamer who keeps gaming till midnight, you will need coffee and energy drinks to stay awake. However, this bedtime gaming is a lot more harmful than you think. You might have seen your favourite e-sports players endorsing energy drinks. While these drinks will keep you awake, they will have a negative effect on your health. Not only will you be drowsy during lectures, but you will also face major health issues due to excessive caffeine intake. Some of the health issues you can suffer from include respiratory issues, heart issues, anxiety, muscle breakdown, migraine, and sleeplessness. So, instead of consuming energy drinks and caffeine for the sake of gaming, give your mind and body some rest and have some sleep.

8.      Don’t Skip Your Meals

Having meals at the right time is extremely important for your physical and mental fitness. Even though you might get hungry while studying or working on assignments, gaming is an activity that keeps you so consumed that you may end up skipping meals. Not having meals on time can lead to several issues like low energy levels, obesity, diabetes, and weaker mental sharpness. So, if you want to stay fit, healthy, and intelligent, don’t skip your meals.

9.      Take a Break from Gaming When the Workload is Too Much

Sometimes, the workload is too much to handle, and you might spend most of your after-college time completing assignments. However, as a gaming freak, we understand how much you will be craving to open your PC or console and start playing your favourite game, while there is still a lot of pending work. But, you have to hold your horses. If you submit your assignment late, your grades will be affected negatively. But, on the other hand, if you control your cravings and avoid gaming for a few days, it won’t harm you. The levels can wait, but your semester can’t. So, you know what you should prioritise between studying and gaming.

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10.    Don’t Spend Your Money Needlessly

Whether you own a PC or a console, games are expensive. Moreover, if you like to participate in competitions, you will have to pay an entry fee as well. However, as a student, you don’t have much money to work with. You have many expenses, and spending unnecessarily on games and gaming-related hardware is not a good idea. So, as a student, you should manage your finances properly and not waste a lot of money on gaming. As for competitions, you can spend money on entry fees occasionally. However, participating in every competition in town is surely going to ruin your finances. So, make informed choices and don’t spend your money recklessly on gaming.

We are not saying that playing video games is a bad habit. On the contrary, many e-sports players make a living out of gaming. However, it is not a reliable profession, and it’s also extremely competitive. It takes up a lot of time, which is not suitable when you are a student. Therefore, concentrate on your studies and pursue gaming as a passion.

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