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Non-Traditional Diets And Treatments For Autism

Many parents face severe challenges due to their children with autism. This is a weird disease that directly targets the brain. You may not be familiar with this kind of disease, but if a child faces autism, their brain development goes uncertain and parents should consider effective non-traditional treatments for autism.

Brain inflammation and infection are one of the main causes of autism, and thus it can be said as a development disorder. However, there is more than one symptom you can see in an autistic child.

They often feel restless and thus try flapping their hands or flipping their fingers repeatedly. On the other hand, they are too sensitive to sensors like light and sound.

You might not know, but children with autism experience a lack of patience and feel depression and anxiety. Treatment of autism has no particular age to start, but you will start noting these symptoms in the children within the first two years.

Non-Traditional Treatment For Autism

Their lack of response can be the beginning of concern for the parents, and thus they need to start treating their children as early as possible. The more you delay, the worse it gets, and brain inflammation will not stop once they get the disease.

There are various traditional treatments you will find, and you can also start consulting with doctors. Besides, you can go for the non-traditional ways of autism treatment as there is no specific bar or border to autism treatment.

Many people rely on autism in non-traditional ways, and some of those are researched, and some are not. You will need to understand the particular ways that can be arranged without the risks or side effects.

These kinds of treatments are known as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM support).

1. Non-Traditional Autism Diet

Most physicians always recommend a special spectrum vitamins and autism diet for children. The main concern of the parents is to reduce Gluten and Casein from their child’s diet. Gluten is a kind of protein that remains in seeds like wheat and other grains.

On the other hand, Casein is a kind of protein that remains in dairy products. Both of these proteins can harm your digestive system. As autistic children are already vulnerable to inflammation of the guts thus, it is better to avoid wheat and grain, and dairy products.

In such cases, you will need to involve particular protein supplements to make up for the needed protein in the child’s diet. If your child is a picky eater you may also need to consider additional supplements to help meet your childs’ nutritional needs in full.

2. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are mostly seen in fish oils. Fish like cod and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and these are very effective in order to develop brain functions. In addition, hyper activities and repetitive behaviors can also be reduced with the help of these fish fats.

So, it’s recommended that you try fish oil supplements for autistic children to get better results. As it is a non-traditional approach to finding a remedy, you should first consult with the doctor before starting the doses.

3. Melatonin And Sleep

Sometimes it has been seen that children with autism face persistent sleeping problems. For instance, facing difficulty in going to sleep, restlessness, and poor sleep quality.

Studies have found that natural supplements with melatonin can reduce such problems with sleep. But before you go and take such supplements, you will need to find out if the sleeping problems are occurring due to autism or not.

4. Chelation Therapy

This is a non-approved non-traditional therapy for autistic children. Chelation therapy is not vastly spread, and it does not improve a child’s body. Instead, it removes all the toxic metals from the body and research by professionals concluded for its improvement on the immune system of autistic children.

This is considered to be a risky process as health problems, seizures, or organ damage can occur due to this therapy. On the other hand, many people suggest that there is no clear evidence of the danger of this therapy. So, it’s better to consult with the physician before you take this kind of risk.

Go For Relaxation Techniques.

Behavioral issues are the common issues of autistic children, and thus you will need to focus on relaxing most of the time. Let them calm down with a deep pressure massage, and let them wear shooting and clean clothes.

Follow the above-mentioned non-traditional techniques to let your child relax a bit.

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