Moments in Football History

While the first training day of the week might have been fun and thoughtful, we returned to the “football mode” in the final half of the workout. If parents want to do something special, they will follow this policy. Later this week in our last practice, we returned to “business time.” In addition to the regular individual development period, we repeat air team, team defense and special team attacks. During this season, you will see many youth football teams retreat to all stops. This means you need to spend time aligning and warning your team about special formations like Swinging Gate / Lonesome Polecat or very unbalanced series. This year we will also see back kicks, starburst kicks or back kicks. Another thing we often see in these last games is a “trick game” like QB throws or even an illegal game like “wrong ball”.

One way to prepare a youth soccer team for this situation

` is to set up a defensive team or a special team against a team of “scout coaches” and the remaining players. Put everything in position and everyone will get on their knees. Talk about playing and guiding the scout team through the game as the defense monitors. Then jog the scout team through every football trick that needs to be prepared. Once you’ve shown 4-5 of these balls to your defense, go back and forth and play straight or squat (don’t take the ball carrier to the ground). We always have coaches in skill positions who do quality replays for defense in a short amount of time.

Even if you’ve never seen a star or a “trick” formation, this is completely new to kids.

Usually, football practice remains a bit outdated for teenage 해외축구 중계사이트` kids at this time, that’s natural. Doing such things engages children and gives them a new and interesting approach to learning. It can also be a difference in playing time.

We may have our own stunt football at this time of year.

 But we do it mainly for new entrants instead of relying on points to play. We do it to keep the kids interested, and we may not act at all or play as an extra playground just to use it comfortably forward.

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