Seven Easy Ways to Convert Word to PDF with Hyperlinks

Want to convert word to PDF with hyperlinks? You can use many methods to convert Word documents to PDF files. But many methods will not preserve hyperlinks. After converting word to PDF, you will see a hyperlink but you cannot click on that.

I faced this situation when I converted my EBook from a Word document to a PDF file using Wondershare PDF element which is premium PDF editor software. It is the cheap and best alternative to the Adobe Acrobat DC reader. Even if I used premium software to convert my word document to a PDF file, it did not preserve hyperlinks. I have also tried premium PDF editor software SODAPDF.

But finally, I have discovered some free methods and some premium ways to convert word to PDF with hyperlinks. Adobe Acrobat DC will convert word to PDF with hyperlinks. If you don’t want to spend money, then read this article.

How to Convert word to PDF with hyperlinks?

Usually, you can convert word documents to PDF from MS Word itself. Open Word document in MS Word. Go to Print -> Select Microsoft Print to PDF option at the printer Name -> Select OK. It will convert your Word document into a PDF. But it will not preserve your word document hyperlinks in a PDF file.

You will see hyperlinks, but they are not clickable. Now let us see how to convert word doc to PDF with clickable hyperlinks.

  1. Using Wondershare PDFelement

In this section, you will find the process on how to convert Word to PDF with hyperlinks using Wondershare PDFelement. Wondershare PDFelement is the best tool to convert to PDFs and vice versa. It also helps you to edit PDF files, protect files with passwords, and many more. It is one of the cheapest alternatives.

Buy or Download and install the Wondershare PDFelement from its official site. Lauch the Wondershare PDFelement application. click on the “create PDF” option. Open window will appear on the screen. select the document that you want to convert to PDF and click on “Open”.

  1. Using Adobe Acrobat DC

Below are the steps to convert Word to PDF with hyperlinks using Adobe Acrobat DC.

Download and install the premium version of Adobe Acrobat DC from its official site.

Open the Word Document with MS word.

You will find “Acrobart” at the top. Tap on it and click on “create PDF” option.

  1. Using MS word Other formats option

Video Tutorial

We provided this article in the form of video tutorial for our reader’s convenience. If you interested to read, you can skip the video and start reading.

A common and easy method to convert Microsoft Word document to PDF with hyperlinks is to use a built-in option available in Microsoft Word as a “Save as PDF“ option. This plugin is available in Microsoft Office 2010 and later versions.

Open your document with MS word.

  1. Using Foxit reader

Download Foxit PhantomPDF which is a free PDF reader with some PDF editing features. While installing it, make sure that you have selected word and Excel plugins.

Open your word document with MS word.

Select the Foxit PhantomPDF tab at the top. Make sure that the Preserve Document Properties option is selected. Click Create PDF.

  1. Manually creating hyperlinks in PDF using Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Adobe Acrobat DC will help you in creating hyperlinks in PDF directly without using Word. It is also one of the best tools to use.
  • First, open your PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Click on the File option from the top left main menu.
  • Select the PDF file in which you need to create hyperlinks
  • Click on the ‘Edit PDF’ option from the right side menu.
  • You can find “Link” option at the top. click on it, you will find several option. click on Add/edit web or document link option.
  • Now you can make a selection over the text that you to convert into a hyperlink.
  • A new dialog box will open.
  1. Auto-detecting URLs in PDF and converting them into links using Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Acrobat DC is really useful software. It can help you a lot in detecting and creating links automatically in your PDF. This process is very simple.
  • Open your PDF file in Acrobat Reader.
  • Click on the ‘Edit PDF’ option from the right side menu.
  • Tap on Link option and select “Auto create web links from URLs”.
  • A warning message will be displayed in the dialog box saying ‘This operation cannot be undone. Would you like to proceed?’
  • You can proceed by clicking on the Yes button.
  • One more dialog box will open where you can select the page range.
  • You can choose All or page range that you want to detect the URLs and convert them into hyperlinks.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • That’s it done. Now Adobe Acrobat will detect and convert all URLs into links in your PDF. Make sure everything is in line with your requirements by manually checking the links.
  1. Use WPS – best free MS Office alternative on Mac
  • Well, WPS is the free Office alternative on Mac. Since it is completely free and does some optimization over the Office, it is even much better than it’s a competitor.
  • You can convert Word to PDF with hyperlinks on Mac by using WPS for Mac by the following steps:
  • Download WPS for Mac here, and open your Word file with it.
  • Go to File and click on Export to PDF.
  • Under the Export options, check the Hyperlink box, and click on the OK button.

You can wait until it completes the saving process, and click & Open the File button on the new window.

You will see the hand icon when you hover your mouse on each hyperlink. That means all of them are clickable.


I think the first method gives you a quick solution installing no other software. If the first method fails, then you can use the second method. If you need complete PDF editing features, it is better to go with Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. But it comes with the monthly subscription plans. So I recommend you Wondershare PDF element. It comes with a lifetime license. It may not complete with the adobe reader, but it is the best alternative to the adobe reader.

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