How To Clean The Inside Of Your Car

Does your car need a loving hand inside? Here you get both a guide to the quick cleaning and to the more thorough seasonal cleaning of the car.

o matter how much you take care of your car, dirt quickly accumulates in it. It does not have to take half a weekend to clean the car inside on a daily basis. A few times a year, however, you should prioritize getting to the bottom of cleaning the car.

Here you get tips for both the quick and the thorough cleaning of the car.

Tips for quick cleaning

If you do not have all the time to give the Rengøring af bil trip, or the car is (yet) not very dirty and cluttered, then you can get the most basic cleaning in place in less than an hour.

Here are the four things you should prioritize in quick cleaning:

Clean up the car

Remove if necessary unnecessary clutter in the car. Paper, cardboard, carpets and other things in the major that you have lying in the car collect moisture. The accumulated moisture will be released in the car depending on e.g. temperature, and you run the risk of the windows fogging inside when you start the car. In winter, you even risk having to fuss with ice on the inside of car windows if you have accumulation of moisture in the car.


The longer the dirt lies in mats and on seats, the harder it is to get to the bottom with. So quickly prioritize vacuuming the car’s mats, seats and trunk.

Wipe the surfaces

You do not need to make an entire bucket of soapy water ready when you need to handle the quick cleaning. You can simply settle for a dry cloth or a hard-wrung cloth to wipe the surfaces with. Remove dust and the worst stains.

Plaster windows and mirrors

Your vision in the car is important. Therefore, you should remove the dirt and traffic film that sits inside the car windows. Use a glass cleaner for this. Now that you’re done anyway, also polish the rear and side mirrors.

Tips for thorough cleaning

Especially before and after the winter, it pays to go to work a little more thoroughly. Before the winter season, prepare the car for frosty weather and after the winter snow and slush, the car often needs a thorough spring cleaning.

When you go more thoroughly with seasonal cleaning, prioritize these five things:

Clean up

Thoroughly clean the car and throw out unnecessary paper and rubbish. Especially paper and cloths absorb and release moisture, which can cause the windows to mist. Depending on the season, you also need to change the equipment you have lying in the car. A snow shovel fills up unnecessarily in the summer, while it can be important during the winter if you are driving on roads that are at risk of slipping.


Vacuum the car thoroughly. Be sure to vacuum both mats and under the mats. When the mats are still out of the car, you can advantageously knock them free of dust and dirt. The seats collect on dirt, so remember to get well into cracks and joints. If the car has leather seats, be careful not to scratch them with the vacuum cleaner mouth. Instead, mount a soft brush on the vacuum cleaner head.

Also vacuum the trunk thoroughly. Lift the bottom and check for dirt below. It is also a good opportunity to check that no moisture has accumulated.

Wash surfaces and door seams

Prepare a bucket of water with soap. You can either buy a soap that is particularly suitable for washing in the cabin or just use a few drops of quite ordinary detergent. Remember to twist the cloth well so that you do not get water all over (and thus increased moisture) in the car. Wash all surfaces and the areas around the doors, what is called door seams.

If stains have appeared on the fabric seats, you may want to use stain cleaner to remove them. If you have leather seats, you can clean them with leather cleaner and subsequently lubricate them with a little leather care product.

If you want to do it extra well, you can lastly lubricate the car door moldings with silicone.

Care for surfaces and rubber strips

Thorough cleaning also includes the care of surfaces and the car’s rubber strips. The surfaces are treated with a cockpit care product, which is sprayed on the surfaces and subsequently dried over.

Especially before the winter season, it is a good idea to nurture the lists. You can either lubricate or spray the rubber strips with silicone spray. This prevents the doors from freezing on the rubber strip, and at the same time it helps the strips not to soften.

Plaster windows and mirrors

The windows should be plastered regularly so that you always have the best possible view. You will need a glass cleaner for panes, rear and side mirrors.

Inside, you can also consider polishing the windshield with a few drops of concentrated dishwashing detergent. It helps to keep the pane free of dew.

Dividing line

A little extra tip is to always leave the car’s doors and tailgate open while you clean it. Then you get the car thoroughly aired through.

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