How to Build Brand Awareness for Your Small Business

Did you know that about 50 percent of U.S. consumers want to purchase from brands they’re familiar with?

As a small business owner, selling your branding might not seem like a worthy investment. All your customers care about is the quality of the product or service you’re offering them, right?

That’s not correct! The modern consumer wants to do business with companies that mean or stand for something. And after you’ve built a brand, you need consumers to become aware of it.

This is why you need to learn how to build brand awareness. Keep reading to learn more.

Let Your Product Packaging Sell Your Brand

If your business sells a packaged product, you have an excellent opportunity to build your brand awareness.

Yet, for some small business owners, branding on the product packaging is an afterthought. The primary objective is to ensure the package is sturdy enough to protect the product.

Of course, quality packaging is essential, but you can kill two birds with one stone. Proper use of your business’s visual branding elements, including the logo, signature colors, and tagline, will go a long way to increasing brand awareness. Your customers will easily recognize the product on supermarket shelves or wherever they see it.

If your business doesn’t have a logo yet, hire a company that provides logo design services to do the job.

Use Promotional Products

You’ve probably come across branded mugs, caps, t-shirts, tote bags, and other kinds of merchandise. What was the first thing that struck your mind? The logo or company name on those items, no doubt!

Similarly, you can use promotional products to raise brand awareness. The trick is to find promotional items your target consumers will love.

If your business is targeting Gen Zers, for example, you want your promotional items to have the “cool factor.” Branded USB flash drives would be a hit, for example.

Sponsor Local Events

Events in your community provide a great platform for you to get the name of your business to the masses. You just need to know how to best pounce on the opportunity.

Let’s say there’s a marathon event in the community. An ideal way for your business to get involved would be to sponsor the participant’s running gear. Imagine your logo plastered on every athlete’s t-shirt. Everyone who attends the event will become familiar with your business and what it offers.

Partner With an Influencer

An influencer is someone with a sizeable following on social media. They’re not shy from “influencing” their followers into purchasing the products/services they recommend.

Partnering with the right influencer can give your brand awareness campaign a major boost. Your sales will skyrocket, and your brand will be engrained into the memories of the influencer’s followers.

Pick an influencer who has a big following on social channels that your target consumers love. Finally, work out a content strategy that will deliver maximum impact.

How to Build Brand Awareness Made Easy

Building brand awareness is an important task for business owners and their branding teams. In a competitive marketplace, strong brands have an edge. Use this guide on how to build brand awareness, and you’ll see amazing results!

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