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Gold Price in India: 28 April 2022

Gold has a lot of sentimental value in the Indian market. Gold is regarded to be a symbol of prosperity and success. Indian ladies wear gold jewellery for a variety of reasons. Gold is in high demand, especially during festival seasons. Furthermore, gold’s price swings on a daily basis. As a result, if you intend to purchase gold, checking the current Gold Rate in India might help you learn about the most recent yellow metal prices in your area. The vast majority of gold is purchased in the form of gold jewellery. Indian marriages are not complete unless gold jewellery is purchased. Furthermore, gold is regarded as an investment choice because to its ability to be quickly sold in the event of a financial crisis. As a result, before investing your money, it is vital to stay up to date on gold market values. Indians generally buy gold in the form of gold jewellery, which Indian women wear and give as gifts at family gatherings and at other festivals. Indian men, on the other hand, prefer to buy gold coins and biscuits since they are less expensive than gold jewellery due to production costs.

Gold Price in different cities of India


Majority of folks that stay in Mumbai spend money on gold or different varieties of investment. However,  to spend money on gold, it’s essential if you want to realise the Gold Rate in Mumbai. The gold rate these days in Mumbai is INR 5286 for 1 gram of 24 Karat gold, and INR 4845 for 1 gram of 22 Karat gold.


If you stay in Ahmedabad and need to shop for gold jewellery, coins, or bars, you want to be aware about the modern-day gold charge in Ahmedabad. As a result, 24K gold might price you around INR 5294 per gram, while 22K gold might price you INR 4853 per gram in Ahmedabad. 


Jewellery or investment, something is your cause to shop for gold in Delhi, you must be aware about the modern-day gold charge in Delhi. As a result, the gold charge these days in Delhi is INR 5286 for a single gram of 24K gold and INR 4845 for 1 gram of 22K gold.


Chennai, being well-known for its bridal jewellery series has numerous demand for gold jewellery. However, so as to shop for gold in any shape you must be privy to the gold charge in Chennai. Moreover, these days Gold rate in Chennai stands at INR 5304 per gram for 24K and INR 4862 per gram for 22K.

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