Encountering QuickBooks Error 1904? Here’s How To Rectify It

Recently, several users have reported QuickBooks error 1904 when trying to install the QuickBooks Desktop application on their computers. On the computer screen, an error warning shows up reading, “[file path/name/extension] failed to register.” This article will discuss with you the reasons why QuickBooks Desktop error 1904 takes place and how you can follow to get rid of it safely.

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Why does QuickBooks Desktop error 1904 occur?

The followings are the most common reasons due to which a user often faces QuickBooks Desktop error 1904:

  1. The Windows components required for installing QuickBooks Desktop are corrupted or damaged.
  2. The installation of the QuickBooks Desktop is failing because of insufficient Windows permissions.

What should you do to get rid of QuickBooks error 1904?

Solution 1- Repair the essential Windows components with QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  1. From the site of Intuit, download the most recent version ( of QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  2. When prompted, save the downloaded installation file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe) on the Windows Desktop.
  3. Click twice the installation file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
  4. Go through the on-screen directions and accept the user’s agreement to install QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  5. Click twice the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon.
  6. From the left-side pane, choose the Installation Issues option.
  7. Choose QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the options and let the tool run.
  8. The tool might take up to 20 minutes to diagnose and fix the essential Windows components. So, keep patience until it is finished.
  9. Reboot your computer.
  10. After that, verify if you can install the QuickBooks Desktop application on your computer.

If you re-encounter QuickBooks error 1904, follow the next solution.

Do read this short guide if you are facing QuickBooks Error H303.

Solution 2- Manually configure your Windows account settings

Step 1: Sign in to your computer using the Windows Administrator account

  1. Choose the Windows logo from the left side of the taskbar.
  2. Enter “CMD” into the search column and click right the CMD icon.
  3. Choose Run as administrator from the given options.
  4. In the command window, enter “net user administrator/active: yes” and then press Enter on your keyboard.
  5. Once the command is complete, shut down the command window.
  6. Select the Windows logo again.
  7. Then click on the sign-out option.
  8. After that, click on the account that mentions “Administrator” and then sign in.

Step 2: Change the user permissions

  1. Select the Windows logo from the left end of the taskbar.
  2. Enter “File Explorer” into the search column and then press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. Go through the path “C:\Program Files\Common Files.”
  4. Click right the Common Files folder and then choose Properties from the given options.
  5. Move to the Security tab and click on the Edit option.
  6. Choose the Users option from the Group or user names section.
  7. Go to the Permissions for Users section and enable the following permissions: Read & execute, Modify, List folder contents, Write, Read.
  8. Click on the Apply option, and after that, select the OK button.

After going through the above two steps, try to install the QuickBooks Desktop application again.


If you fail to debug QuickBooks error 1904 after applying the troubleshooting as mentioned earlier solutions, you should take extra assistance removing it by contacting our QuickBooks professionals at +1-855-856-0042.

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