Effective Hacks to Tackle QuickBooks Script Error

The moment a user gets interrupted by the QuickBooks script error, it receives a trigger warning message that says, “QuickBooks Script Error Unable To Get Property Length of Undefined or Null Reference.” As you might know, by default, the QuickBooks application links with the internet through the Internet Explorer browser, the script error is related to the faults in Internet Explorer. Debugging the problem is not a difficult task, and usually, it can be resolved easily. Thus, let us look into the blog and understand some important details about the error.

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What are the Reasons That Give Rise to the Script Error Message in QuickBooks?

To acquire details on what really triggers the technical glitch, you must refer to the points we have provided below briefly-

  1. One of the primary reasons for incurring the problem could be that you have enabled the script error notification in the browser.
  2. Other reasons can include enabling the add-ons in Internet Explorer.
  3. It is also possible that your Windows have been damaged, due to which the issue comes up continuously on your QuickBooks screen.

Go ahead and read the next section of the blog to learn various ways of eliminating the problem.

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Which are the Top Two Processes That Can Entirely Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Desktop Script Error?

Have you been struggling with the issue but finding it difficult to search for a suitable yet instant method to get rid of it permanently? Do not get worried! We are here to help you. Go through the fixing processes we have mentioned below. Make sure to follow each step concisely-

SOLUTION 1: Fix the Glitch By Disabling the Script Error Notification

  1. First of all, open Internet Explorer on the Windows desktop.
  2. Now, in the explorer screen, tap on the Tools icon located at the top right.
  3. After that, hit Internet Options and move to the last tab, that is, the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  4. You will see the following checkbox- “Display a notification about every script error”; deselect the checkbox.
  5. In the end, you are required to click on the ‘OK’ button to confirm the action.

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SOLUTION 2: Disable the Internet Explorer Add-Ons

  1. In the beginning, you are required to open Internet Explorer and move the cursor to the top right of the screen.
  2. Click on the Tools icon and opt for Internet Options.
  3. Now, you must shift to the ‘Programs’ tab and then choose the ‘Manage Add-ons’ option.
  4. After that hit the add-on, and next, on the bottom of the screen, opt for the ‘Disable’ button to turn it off.
  5. In the last step, click on the ‘OK’ button and close the existing Internet Explorer window.

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We would like to conclude the blog here. We have tried our best to provide you with all the essential info about the QuickBooks script error. Even though our certified team of experts has experimented with all the given debugging processes, if the glitch does not disappear, directly get in touch with one of the professionals by dialing our Toll-Free +1-855-856-0042.

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