Belly Band Holsters

Belly Bands Holsters are used as a carry system, especially for firearms. They are best for the people who face problems in concealing their guns. It allows people to carry a pistol with them easily everywhere for their security. They were first used by undercover officers

The basic use of this band is for security purposes but it can also be used by women to carry things as they cannot conceal things while wearing jeans. It provides ease of carrying guns/pistols with comfort.


  • It fits the body comfortably.
  • You can carry handguns with yourself without detection
  • It makes the person able to access the firearm easily and quickly.
  • You can hide your weapon in almost every outfit.


As there are a lot of advantages, there exist some disadvantages also which are

  • Low-quality belly band hostlers allow the fire gun to be detected easily in clothing.
  • Elastic belly bands do not cover the pistol properly
  • If the fabric is thin, it makes the possibility to access the trigger and that could be dangerous.


Yes, if the holster bands are made properly they are really safe equipment for carrying fire guns. There are two things that can not be compromised while carrying a gun in the belly band hostler and that is safety and functionality. If these two aims are not met by the belly band, it is nothing but useless.


There are many kinds of holsters currently available in the market, some of them are given below as

1)    BravoBelt Belly Band Holsters: This type of holster is commonly used by women. That is because this hostler easily gets fit on any kind of body. This hostler is made up of neoprene. It has small holes for ventilation purposes IT is also secured while doing heavy physical activities.

2)    Comfortac Ultimate Belly Band Holster: It is called a universal fit holster. It can be used by many people and many guns can fit in it. It has an additional feature of an auxiliary pouch in it.

3)    Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster: It is a lightweight comfortable holster. It is made up of surgical-grade neoprene. It has an elastic pouch that can accommodate a variety of guns in it.

4)    Undertech Undercover Belly Band Holster: This holster has many features. It has extra pockets that can be used to hide wallets and cellphones. It can accommodate a revolver.

5)    Featol Belly Band Holster: This type of holster is commonly known for medical purposes. It is used for back and knee support. This hostler is made up of  Velcro and neoprene. It is available in three sizes depending upon the size of the user.

6)    Kaylle Belly Band Holster: It is one of the most comfortable types of holster available in the market. This type of holster can be carried in many positions depending upon the user. It can hold both small and large size of firearms effectively.


The following discussed above are some of the many used belly band holsters. From the above discussion you can see Hostlers are generally used for carrying fire guns with you, they are also used for medical purposes that include relief from back pain, etc.

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