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Get the facts about which software is the best for your business. Compare BigTime Software vs. Monday Software, and learn how to make the best decision for you.

It would be best to evaluate how BigTime software compares with Monday software. Finding a solution that streamlines your workflow, tracks your brand message, and ensures your deliverables are accurate is important. Both software options have automation features and many templates that will make your life easier. Continue reading to find out more. This article will focus on the pros and cons of each solution.

What are the features of BigTime?

BigTime Professional, a cloud-based billing and timing software, is designed for professional institutions such as engineering and accounting. It automates its services. It provides most of the services required by professional offices, such as invoicing and project management, billing, invoicing, and managing workers and workflows.

BigTime Professional is available for both individuals and businesses. The main features of BigTime Professional include project management, tax management, payroll, and billing. BigTime Inc. developed and distributed BigTime Professional. The company is located in the United States.

BigTime: Who uses it?

Software is an option for both small and large businesses. It can be used in many industries, including IT services and technology, banking and finance, engineering and architecture, public administration and legal, insurance, marketing, and advertising. True Partners Consulting, CHB Advisors PC, and C2 Company are some of the major customers of the software.

What are the pros of BigTime?

  • It can be easily connected to all platforms
  • The receipts can be used to track daily expenses.
  • All reports can be printed in any format.

What are the cons of BigTime?

  • Names of software are subject to limitations
  • The software lacks sufficient testing and is plagued by bugs

What are BigTime Reviews?

BigTime has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 5 Reviews. The total score for BigTime is 86. Our unbiased data-based algorithm determines the rating.

What is BigTime cost?

BigTime is more affordable than the industry average.

BigTime has been rated 4 out of 10 when compared to its competitors. BigTime is ranked on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the costliest to implement). BigTime has few flexible plans available to customers, with the cost of a basic license starting at $10 per month.

What are the features of

Monday software, a cloud-based project management tool that can manage various projects, is available. allows users to create and modify their modules using drag-and-drop functionality. It can also be used as an HR system to manage employee recruitment. offers all necessary features for project management, such as business process and resource management.

You can also customize your workflows. You can also integrate into other applications like slack so that you can have all of your communication and management channels in one place. can be accessed via a web application and a mobile and desktop version. was created by Roy Mann, Eran Tanz, and Eran Zinman.

Their current company is called daPulse. With 500 employees, the company was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel. targets small, medium, and large businesses looking for a single solution to their resource and project management needs. won the 2021 Most Likely Recommendation Award and the Easier Administration Award.

Who uses

Typical customers include small, medium, and large businesses.

What are the pros of

  • com is extremely user-friendly
  • It can be easily integrated with other tools
  • You have the flexibility to make your projects your own with the variety of templates
  • Multiple functionalities

What are the cons of

  • For smaller teams looking for more features, the pricing might seem prohibitive.
  • You can get better support for your files or multiple support.

What are reviews? has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 and a total score of 98. Our unbiased data-based algorithm determines the rating score.

What is’s Cost? offers multiple pricing options depending on your organization’s requirements. You can still use’s free version with two users and limited features. The basic package is $8 per month and includes unlimited viewers, unlimited items, one board, 5GB storage, and unlimited viewers.

Gantt views, guest access, calendar view, automation, integrations up to 250 per month, and five dashboards are included in the standard package for $10. The Pro version is $16 per month. It consists of a chart view, private boards, docs, time tracking, formula column, automation, integrations up to 25000 each month, dependency column, and ten panels combined in one dashboard.

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