Your Guide to Using Vaping Devices Enjoyably and Safely

If you enjoy going to the cinema, chances are you’ve seen anti-smoking banners on the screen before the movie starts. Alternatively, if you are a smoker, you must have seen caution notices on cigarette packs. Smoking kills, but quitting is not a piece of cake; addiction is a tough nut to crack. Vapes open a new door to smoking, allowing you to smoke with a lighter conscience.

For anyone switching from smoking to vaping, the transition might seem overwhelming. While cigarettes and e-cigarettes serve the same purpose, their techniques are vastly different. E-cigarettes are easier to use, but it is essential to understand them to operate them properly.

Functioning of a Vaping Device

Regardless of your brand preference, every device includes a mod, coil, and e-juice. The mod charges the coil, helping the e-juice reach the inhaling chamber. The compartment is connected to a tiny mouthpiece that allows you to inhale the vapour. A vape is not a single device. Instead, it is a system of components working together. Some expert smokers tend to mix around different parts, but beginners must use basic kits first to get the hang of it.

Vaping: Steps

Primarily, vaping is a two-step process: choosing the best juice and learning how to inhale it. The first unwritten rule regarding vaping is getting a personal kit. Usually, vaping kits come in four forms:

  • E-cigarettes
  • Pod 
  • Environmental-friendly E-cigarettes
  • All-in-ones (AIO)

Choosing the Best Juice

After buying a kit, the next step entails filling it with juice. Vaping juices are available in different flavours, offering you various choices. Along with the flavour, you must also specify the nicotine level in the liquid. The nicotine quantity depends on multiple factors, such as the type of smoker you are (frequent, light, or rarely) and how fast nicotine hits you.

For instance, high nicotine levels affect you instantly and more intensely. On the other hand, low levels take time to settle in and give you a slow rush. Alternatively, medium nicotine levels balance the two. They are neither too intense nor too mellow.

However, it is advised to go from lower to higher for vaping beginners. Directly beginning from high nicotine levels can be challenging to deal with, affecting your performance and productivity or resulting in coughs. Low nicotine levels give you time and space to adjust to the new device, taste, flavour, and rush.


Your first vaping experience depends on your inhaling technique. Not only does correctly inhaling set the right ambience, but it also prevents coughing or intense nicotine rushes. You can inhale vapes in two ways: mouth-to-lung or direct-lung-contact. Neither way is right or wrong; it depends on your preference and vaping kit.


Mouth-to-lung (MTL) technique is compatible with small devices that can handle high nicotine levels. However, it is not a hard and fast rule; you can choose any size.

  • Inhale vapour for 3-5 seconds
  • Hold it in your mouth for 1-2 seconds
  • Open your mouth and slowly drag the smoke to your lungs
  • Exhale slowly


Direct-lung-contact (DLC) works best with larger kits and low nicotine levels. Similar to MTL, this technique also feels like sucking through a straw. However, instead of holding the vapour in your mouth, you inhale, drag it to your lungs, and immediately exhale.

Wrapping Up

Vapes are more efficient and comfortable than smoking. Smoking has countless warning signs, but E-cigarettes allow you to smoke safely—when used correctly. If you are a beginner, ensure you read the instructions carefully before puffing for an enjoyable experience.

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