Why are Pink Custom Donut Boxes Ruling the World These Days?

Whether it is Movie or your daily life, whenever it comes to donut scene it is represented by PINK color. These days use of pink donut boxes is not just a regional thing as it is prevailing in the world more rapidly. When it comes to serving the donuts, bubble gum pink card boxes are more in fashion to package your Custom Donut Boxes. While the standard pink boxes are an iconic element of the donut scene, Owners are giving a fresh spin to things. Bakers and donut makers adopt several packaging styles to allure and seduce the customers and the traditional pink aspect.

What are Pink Donut Boxes?

Pink donut boxes are lightweight and pink-colored cardboard packages that are inexpensive packaging solutions for donut makers.

History of Pink Donut Boxes

As described earlier Pink donut boxes are associated with the specific region Southern California. It is a common thing in Los Angeles that hundreds of bakeries package their donuts in pink donut boxes. Whenever we see a pink box we preconceive it as donut box. Using pink for donut package arise a question in mind that why everyone is using it. Let me solve this query by clarifying that its origin is central to a story of a refugee named Ted Ngoy. Ted Ngoy came to California as a Cambodian exile in the 70s. He stumbled into the donut industry and eventually became the proprietor. Ted also sponsored immigrants, helped them learn about the business, and assisted them in starting their bakery stores. Of course, since Ted utilized those pink containers, so did everyone else. This is why Ted was known as the Doughnut King.

Why Prefer Custom Pink Donut Boxes Over Other Packaging Materials?


Custom pink donut boxes are cheaper. They are inexpensive because thousands of boxes can be prepared using leftover pink card boxes at a much cheaper price than the regular white card boxes.

Eye-catching Pink Color:

Within the Asian community, the red color is considered to be an omen, and having a pink donut isn’t a coincidence. As a result, pink boxes are preferred by the donut shop business. Pink custom donut boxes have a very eye-catching pink color associated with pink cotton candy. Their pink color gives the idea of sugary treats. For this reason, it allures those customers that have a sweet tooth.

Lightweight and Disposable:

These days, customers prefer lightweight packages that can be disposed of quickly. Pink custom donut boxes are lightweight, durable, and easy to carry. Their light feature reduces shipping costs and material costs, both of which help increase profitability. In addition, the use of less packaging materials makes it environment friendly and reduce landfills and carbon footprint in the environment.

How Can Pink Donut Boxes Further Be Styled to Catch Attention?

Unique and Stylish Packaging

Usually, bakers make donuts with bright glazes and sprinkles. All age groups like these bright-colored delicacies. So colorful colored packages are required to complement these tasty donuts as stylish packaging is the key to seducing your customers. Doughnut delicacies must be kept in innovative doughnut packages that agree with their colorful and vibrant appearance. Different styles can be adapted to decorate and customize pink donut boxes. Sleeve boxes, gabble boxes with handles, single-serving donut boxes, pretty pink lock-corner paper board boxes, and top flip boxes can add value to your custom donut boxes. Moreover, these boxes can be customized with colorful graphics and images to compliment the yummy goodness inside them. Along with vibrant colors they need to be stiff and durable enough to protect the sweet offerings.

Introducing Display Windows

Custom packaging for small businesses acquires display boxes to present their products worth watching. Similarly, the bakery-business use cut-out window boxes in pink box packaging to excite the customers with product visibility. These cut-out windows are usually covered with PVC films, making them resistant to dust, moisture, and water. This display feature protects the donuts from spoilage as customers can carefully carry them due to their visibility.

Ecofriendly and Multifunctional

Using eco-friendly cardboard stock material not only increases the shelf life of your donuts but also helps in maintaining your customer base. Customers are attracted to those custom bakery boxes which are eco-friendly and multifunctional at the same time. So, introducing eco-friendly and recycling features to your pink custom donut boxes can help you achieve larger profit margins.

Wholesale Deal

Although the difference between white cardboard and pink cardboard stock is a few cents, it matters a lot when it comes to wholesale deals. When you have to take many boxes for packaging your donuts, then the wholesale deal helps you save your money. In addition, you can opt for packaging solutions that offer the best wholesale deal. For example, OBT Packaging provides you with bulk orders at much lower prices.

Use of Special Expressions

Unique expressions like embossing or debossing, gold or silver foil stamping, and different protective and glossy coatings can further help you stand out for your sweet offering in the market. The customer always reminds the bakery items from their custom bakery boxes. A bright and beautiful appearance gives an emotional appeal to the customers. It also puts a long-lasting impression on customers’ minds. They judge the quality of donuts through the expensive look and feel of the custom donut boxes.

Positioning Through Donut Slogans

By utilizing enchanting texts and slogans and strong logo labelling on the custom donut boxes, you can engage the customers with your sweet offerings. Catchy slogans like “All good things come in pink boxes”, “Donut worry, be happy”, “Enjoy eating and Share the goodness”, and “America runs on Dunkin” can seduce customers emotionally. This alluring impression strengthens your positive image among the masses, and they recommend others to buy from you.

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