What is the Wifi setup guide for a Canon printer?

Canon printers are reliable devices and are best known for providing good printing services. Now the user can connect the Canon printer to his devices using Wi-Fi. You can connect the Canon printer to any system. This feature is very helpful as you can’t use cable on every system. Canon printers can be connected using Wi-Fi direct method or using network printing. When you connect the printer to the network; he can share the printer. The printer Wi-Fi is simple; once you set up the printer then you can take printouts easily.

Canon MG3600 how to connect to Wifi with WPS?

If you have the WPS on the router then connect the printer directly. This WPS allows other gadgets to get connected directly. For the connection, check the router for physical WPS pin, SSID, password, and WPA security. If you have all the details, then you can connect the Canon printer to Wi-Fi easily. 

  1. Turn on the Canon printer
  2. Press the Wi-Fi button on the printer
  3. The Wi-Fi lamp must start blinking
  4. Check the router and enable the WPS pin
  5. Go to the printer and check the Wi-Fi lamp
  6. It will keep blinking until it finds the access point
  7. Check the printer screen for the network’s SSID 

After connecting the printer, the Wi-Fi lamp will remain lit. Now you should take a configuration printout to check the connection status and assure the SSID. When the details are correct, you can now search Canon devices from other connected systems and take the printouts.

Install Canon driver on the devices

After configuring the printer to network; check the driver for the systems. The user can only use Canon printers from those systems that have the required printer driver. Check the Canon printer model and then search for its driver on the web. For systems with a disk drive, you can use the CD for driver installation. After getting the driver, connect the system to the same network. Go to the Printers folder and click on Add Device. You will see the Canon printer name on the available printers list. Choose the printer and type the printer password for the connection. After the printer connection, you can send the print command to the Canon device.

Print connection using the standard connection method

The user can also connect the Canon printer using the standard connection method. In this, the user requires the Canon software/driver for the configuration. Get the software CD or download the setup from the web. 

  1. Open the computer and run the software
  2. Select Next on the initial screen
  3. The printer will ask for a connection method
  4. Choose Wireless connection
  5. Tap on Next on the Power lamp wizard
  6. Click on Connect to the network and choose Cableless Setup
  7. When you get a connection via cableless setup; press the Wi-Fi button until the printer’s orange lamp flashes
  8. Release the button and Wi-Fi blue lamp will start blinking
  9. While creating the connection; the network may get disabled temporarily
  10. Select Next and click on Wireless Setup Using the USB cable
  11. Now you will get the choose region option
  12. Tap on Next and choose the location
  13. Choose the location for installing the setup
  14. License Agreement wizard will appear
  15. Select the Yes button and you will see the Canon printer model name and SSID on the screen

Hit the Complete button and the printer is configured wirelessly. Now you can search the printer using Wi-Fi and take printouts directly without using the cable. 

Connecting Canon printer to phone devices wirelessly

If the printer is in-network; you can connect the phone to the same network and send the print jobs. But when there is no access point then you can use the Canon printer directly using its Wi-Fi. But the phone must have Wi-Fi configured so you can connect to the printer. Also, check whether the Android version of your phone is compatible with wireless printing or not.

  1. Open the play store on phone and search for Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY
  2. Install the setup on your phone
  3. Go to your printer settings and enable the Wi-Fi
  4. Load the pages on your Canon printer
  5. Press the menu button on the Canon printer and go to Wi-Fi settings
  6. Tap on Connection Settings and hit on OK
  7. Check the printer name (you can also edit the printer name)
  8. Now go to the connection method and select Direct Connection
  9. Go to the phone and check for available devices
  10. Select the printer’s SSIC and type the password

Now open the Canon software and register your printer. After registering the printer; open the document/photo you want to print. Send the print command and take your printouts.

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