Wayback machine alternative: Review

Information from alternative Wayback Machine archives is available online (World Wide Web). It is widely used by historians and researchers to preserve digital artefacts. However, there are some limitations to Wayback Machine, such as the fact that it is incredibly slow and unresponsive on many crawlable websites.

Top 7 Best Alternatives To the Wayback Machine For 2020

You can learn about the alternative to the Wayback Machine in this article. the information is listed below;

Here is a carefully curated list of the best apps that can take the place of Wayback Machine. The list includes both industrial (paid) and open source (free) software programmes. is one

An online tool called can help you make a copy of the website. Even if the first page is removed, this copy will still be accessible online.


For greater accuracy, this application saves both a text and a visual copy of the page. It provides a direct link to a permanent record of any web page. With the help of this tool, you can keep track of changes made to the site, such as tasks submitted, catalogue items added, blog posts, property listings, etc.
– Malware or pop-up ads are not present on saved pages.


The Harvard Law School Library created and maintains the web archiving tool It helps you preserve records of the sites over time.


The links can be removed 24 hours after they are created. You can view archived records using the link.
– URLs can be inserted into blog posts or short newspaper articles.
– It allows you to develop a Parma that accesses the website and to compile a library of its contents.
– This app will provide you with other options to submit a PDF file or image if the conservation fails.
– Tiered subscriptions can be used to grant people access to permalinks.
– Just enter the user’s email address into this cloud-based programme to assign users to any organisation.

Three) Pagefreezer


A SaaS offering called PageFreezer offers blog sites, websites, and social media archiving. It enables companies that provide financial services to monitor online conversations and ensures that risk is being monitored.


– Your records’ reliability and authenticity are verified by this online tool.
– It has the ability to instantly gather dynamic web content.
– Internal social media networks can be recorded with PageFreezer.
– It can keep track of activity for potential threats and record business chat conversations.
– SMS and text messages can be archived.
– You can manage and gather online content with its assistance.
– The old websites are still available.

4) Activism

Organizations can record and archive electronic communications with the help of the Actiance app. More than 80 channels are supported.


– Take note of all pertinent communications.

– You have the ability to recognise and control threats, as well as extract the information’s commercial value.
– You can create, organise, and deliver content as needed.
– An analytics control panel is provided by this cloud-based application for improved data visualisation.
– In addition to distance search across all channels, it also includes advanced features.
– It makes use of customizable, detailed reporting.

Five) Stillio

A tool called Stillio automatically captures site photos, archives them, and distributes them to other users. You can manage the history of a website and save a tonne of time.


– You can customise the frequency of screenshots for a given period.
– You can add multiple URLs at once.
– The screenshot can be saved to Dropbox.
– It allows sharing of URLs.
– You can use this tool to filter URLs by domain.

– Custom titles can be used to organise anything. By locating its IP address, Stillio enables you to take a screenshot from the physical site. Unwanted elements like overlays, banners, and cookie popups can be hidden.

British Web Archive

Each year, UK Web Archive gathers information about various websites to preserve for the future. It focuses on the topic, event, or areas of interest, and archives social networks.


– This website allows you to search for UK web archives.
– It enables you to locate the website on a range of topics and styles.
– This programme gathers PDF documents, HTML pages, videos, and other media.
– It performs automated collection of several UK websites over the course of a year.

7. Time-travel memento

You can search for and view older versions of web pages with the help of memento time travel. It encourages the discovery of Mementos in web archives.


– It searches web pages across the entire network of servers.
– The elements of this website are displayed in accordance with the time you have requested.
– It archives web server content on its own.
– It focuses on a variety of topics, including HTML, design sheets, and images, among others.
– Using the timeline, you can see how many DateTimes are archived.
– It offers bar charts displaying components that have been checked and those that have not.
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